Digital Strip Poker featuring Neriah Davis Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Select one of three sets with Neriah Davis
Welcome to the game (Rose top round 1)
Neriah bets 15 without shorts (Rose top round 2)
Neriah takes two cards without top (Rose top round 3)
Neriah takes three cards without panties (Rose top round 4)
You are discarding 3 cards (Yellow robe round 1)
Neriah called without robe (Yellow robe round 2)
Neriah raises five without bra (Yellow robe round 3)
Neriah called without panties (Yellow robe round 4)
Neriah takes two cards (Black dress round 1)
Neriah wins again (Black dress round 1)
Neriah bets twenty-five without a skirt (Black dress round 2)
Neriah raises five without a top (Black dress round 3)
Neriah is out of money and cloths (Black dress round 4)
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