Dink SmallWood Credits


ProgrammingSeth A. Robinson
Programming ConsultantDaniel D. Keneally
Graphics / ArtworkJustin Martin
Level Design & StorySeth A. Robinson, Justin Martin, Gregory Smith
Additional Level DesignChris Baker
MusicSeth A. Robinson, Joel Baker, Matt S. Smith
CinematicsMartin Gardeler, Susanne Nordgren, Christer Rhodin, Robert Rhodin
Cinematics SoundHenrik Blomgren, Axel Hedfors
Box & Manual Cover ArtAnders Hansson
Manual EditorBjörn Larsson
Installation ShellMats Höjlund
Quality Assurance Lead TechnicianBjörn Larsson, Shawn Teal

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ryan Prendiville (703)