Dino D-Day Credits

Developed by 800 North and Digital Ranch

Created and Designed byJoel Crook, Cliff Duyn, Ben Jones, Dan Jones, Rob Kirk, Rob Lihani, Abe Scheuermann, Parker Scheuermann, Brian Ulrich
Additional ModelingChris Lee, Alex Castellon
Concept ArtTyrell Cannon, Alphonso De La Torre, Ben Mauro
Level DesignRasmus Geil, John Heeter
Additional Level DesignRasmus Geil
Sound DesignArild Iversen, James McCormick, John Alexander Stuart, James Rossi
CastPat Kilbane (as Jack Hardgrave), Omar Doom (as Joe Spencer), Napoleon Ryan (Nigel Blithe-Crossley), Tamara Bellis (as Ilona Vike), Emilie Germain (Camille Brun), Henning Fischer (as Jakob Frank), Ralf Dietel (as Alwin von Vaerst), Alix Peters (as Karl Hissmann)
TestersKouen, Gatienthe, franz, Irmin, oxicus, Danny, alecendo, FresnoBob, bizman and sons, COMPANIONxCUBE, David Rasure, Ron Gordon, Adrock
Special ThanksBay Raitt, Gabe Newell, Jason Holtman, Marc Scaperro, Lars Jensvold, Dan Newell, Wade Schin, Mike Durand, Mike Dunkle, Erik Wolpaw, Everyone else at Valve, ACE Team, David Connelly, Mike Phillips, Jason McKinley, Matt Stevenson, Ron Gordon, David Rasure, Mom and Dad, Lauren Jones, Ilona Scheuermann, Courtney Ulrich, Mike Papac, Candace Rivera, Matt Dale

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (191708) and Sciere (489052)