Dino D-Day Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Main menu (2014)
Loading screen with propaganda posters
Team selection
Picking a class
Spawning with my Allied mates
You don't really want to stand face to face with a t-rex
Raptors might not look like much but they are really fast and can leap longer than Mike Powell
The Axis won. In fact, they always do on this map
The t-rex can do some massive damage
And it also like to eat its victims
This goat seems to have some problems with his stomach
Playing as sniper
As if dinosaurs aren't deadly enough. Let's put machine gun on it!
Anti tank weapons hopefully works on dinosaurs as well
Shooting someone in the face
Playing as a raptor
The Allies also have a dinosaur
Capturing a point on king of the hill
The dilophosaurus can pick up goats and use them as weapons
It's also good at using its nails
Healing a dinosaur
Health packs can also be thrown and will then heal everyone within range
The objective is to blow up this bridge
Killed by a tank on legs
Using a shotgun. Missing...
Waiting for respawn
A destroyed church
Going berserk
Sometime the game's mod roots is a bit too obvious
Calling in an air strike
Head shot coming up
Kiss of death
The jackrabbit can be used as bait for the raptors