Dirt Track Racing 2 Credits


Executive ProducerGreg Siegele
Technical DirectorRichard Harrison
ProducersRobin Potanin, Paul Murray
Lead ProgrammerChris Bevan
Art DirectorBen Tolstoshev
Lead ArtistDavid Todd
Game DesignDavid Hewitt, Kim Forrest
ProgrammersTim Auld, Chris Bevan, Richard Harrison, Derek Long, Roland Peddie, Richard Sim, Martin Valigursky
ArtistsPaul Coad, Michael Cooper, Luke Dickson, Stuart Mackenzie, Szymon Mienik, Paul Murray, David Todd, Ben Tolstoshev, Sonia Tyndale
Chief Technology OfficerCameron Dunn
VP Marketing and Business DevelopmentMark Bracken
Marketing Art DirectorDamien Thaller
Racing Technical AdvisorJ. D. Kramer
CommentaryRalph Sheheen
Music DesignChris Tennent, Roland Peddie
Sound DesignChris Tennent, Roland Peddie
Video Editing ConsultancyMarty Pepper
Testing ManagerAmy Watson
Game TesterTodd Hutchinson, Kim Forrest, Robin Parkyn
Project ManagementHenrietta Child
Ratbag Title AnimationRising Sun Pictures
Ratbag Title Animation SoundSoundfirm


Senior Vice PresidentPaul Rinde
Senior Vice President of SalesWim Stocks
Vice President of MarketingTracy Magnuson
Marketing ManagerLaszlo Nemesi ('xtreme')
Marketing DirectorAnn Marie Brand
Brand ManagerJim Ferris
Senior Print Production ManagerCherrie Julkowski
Creative DirectorKeith M. Anderson
Senior Graphic DesignerDavid Stengel
Director of Product DevelopmentPeter Armstrong
Senior ProducerBrian Ewoldt
Associate ProducerChris Lundeen
Lead Q.A.Michael Hathaway
TesterSunnyvale Q.A.
Special ThanksSteve Lundeen

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Credits for this game were contributed by MegamanX64 (16122)