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GameStar (Germany) (Aug, 2003)
Dreiste Diebe haben mir einfach zwei Kampagnen geklaut! Auf der Packung steht übersetzt »plus die Kampagnen aus Disciples 2«. Doch auf der CD gibt es nur die beiden von Imperium und Zwergen. Obendrein sind Disciples-2-Veteranen ohne gespeicherte Spielstände dazu verdammt, die Grundkampagnen erneut zu absolvieren. Für die Addon-Schlachten ist nämlich ein Level-10-Held Pflicht. Auch eine Art, über 30 Stunden Spielzeit zu generieren! Wenigstens machen die neuen Karten trotz mangelnder Neuerungen genauso viel Spaß wie das Hauptprogramm und retten das Addon vor einer Abwertung.
Deeko (Jul 07, 2003)
Disciples II: GotL may be overshadowed by games like Warcraft III (especially now that Warcraft III has an expansion), but should not be missed by hardcore RTS gamers. Its attention to detail, exciting gameplay, immersive graphics and wonderful soundtrack make the game a great buy. I would have liked to have seen more additions to the game and the lack of a really good tutorial hurt it a bit, but it manages to be a very good expansion to an already great franchise.
GameZone (Jun 16, 2003)
The game’s brusque tutorial, and lack of a solid manual is definitely not that friendly to a new players. But this is still a solid turn-based game, ripe with options and with wonderful graphical elements. Players who delved into Disciples II: Dark Prophecy may find the game rounded out a bit more, but the games big draw will likely be those who have not played Dark Prophecy. In that regard, this a good news/bad news scenario. The good news being that this is a very good turn-based strategy game. The bad news is that you have take to invest about 40 minutes to get a handle on the game’s structure.
Worth Playing (Jul 07, 2003)
I've always believed "If it ain't broke don't fix it" and that's exactly what this game does, by adding more scenarios and some technical tweaks they've improved on an already great game. While it looks a little dated next to newer games such as Warcraft, it still holds it's own. I would like to see an entirely 3D sequel though, as this franchise deserves to go on. The abundance of bonuses, 3 new special characters, portfolio of art, and a whole new addition to the story warrant any fan of the series or of fantasy turn based combat in general to pick this game up. The difficulty level will make fighting through the 2 new campaigns a lengthy ordeal, trust me you'll be getting your money's worth. While it can't be recommended to newcomers short on patience, if you are interested in turn based strategy and superb art with a small dash of RPG elements you're sure to enjoy yourself with Guardians of Light.
Game Chronicles (Jul 08, 2003)
In summary, Disciples 2: Guardians of the Light is one of the best turn-based strategy games you can play. With its beautiful looks and engaging gameplay, you will be hard-pressed to find another game with the depth and exciting gameplay that this one offers. If you enjoy playing turn-based strategy games, then this is one that you need to add to your collection. Once again, Strategy First has come through with an excellent blend of graphics, sound, and gameplay in a package that is easy to learn and play.
PC Gamer (Sep, 2003)
This box is billed as a “standalone expansion,” but it actually feels more like a Director’s Cut re-release of Disciples II — the original single-player campaigns are joined by two new ones and a slate of added goodies.
As a bundle, the two expansions are a unique deal with eight full campaigns, 15 scenarios, and a map editor for less than the price of an average release. For owners of the original, these are less of a value, but still worth a look.
GameSpot (Jun 18, 2003)
Though you can find plenty of fantasy-themed turn-based strategy games on the shelves, last year's Disciples II is still one of the most distinctive and one of the best. Featuring some unusually detailed and stylized artwork, the game also incorporates many role-playing elements to lend continuity and an epic feel to its campaigns. Now, about eighteen months after its release, Disciples II finally gets a well-deserved expansion pack.
Armchair Empire, The (Aug 10, 2003)
Reading this review you’re going to see a lot of parallels between it and my review of Servants of the Dark (SotD). This is simply because these two expansion packs are two sides of the same coin, largely being the same with only a scant few differences. Despite Guardians of the Light giving fans of Disciples II a chance to once more venture forth into Nevendaar, the core gameplay is barely any different and there are hardly any new features, or anything else new for that matter, for gamers to sink their teeth into.
GameSpy (Jul 10, 2003)
In the end, Guardians of the Light teases more than pleases. It feels like half of what a good expansion should be, but at the same time is a great buy for those new to the series. The best advice is to pass unless you are a diehard fan that wishes to play a few new campaign missions and simply cannot get enough of the game, or if you're a strategy fan taking the initial Disciples II plunge.