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Once you get beyond the graphics, it's a very enjoyable game. munchner (11) 3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars
Turn-based fantasy strategy as good as any other jossiejojo (41) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.5
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.7
Overall User Score (16 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Game Vortex (Jan 16, 2003)
This game consistently kills me on the first mission, and it just gets harder. Careful, careful planning and a willingness to expend many units is what it takes to win each scenario, and you can do it -- it's just hard. The difficulty is of the type that keeps you coming back for more, though, not the annoying 'screw this game' type. Every time I died, I came back for more. And the various races all have their strong points -- and some serious weak ones. Be very careful as to how you plot out the course of your units, as a misstep can honestly be the difference between winning and losing. In this respect, the game reminds me of the Japanese game Front Mission 3 for the PlayStation -- damned hard, hours per battle, and you enjoy every minute of it. Yeah.
IGN (Oct 18, 1999)
There's really a lot more that could be said about Disciples (I didn't even get started on the magic weapons and spells in the game), but I've covered the most important elements. The bottom line is this: if you like detailed strategy games and don't mind staring at some less than hi-tech images while you play them, then Disciples is a title that you need to go out and buy. Now leave me alone, I've got a kingdom to destroy...
GameSpot (Sep 28, 1999)
Though Disciples does borrow a great deal from the Heroes of Might and Magic games, it does many things differently and in interesting ways. For instance, its unit experience system sets a much more deliberate pace than the frantic tech-tree scramble of the Heroes games, and forces you to make significant tactical decisions when you upgrade your troops. Its smaller armies also feel less like squadrons of units and more like parties of adventurers, and all these nuances combine to make playing Disciples feel less like an orthodox number-crunching strategy game and more like a drawn-out RPG. Disciples is certainly derivative, though it draws much of its inspiration from worthwhile sources and uses these gleaned ideas to construct a package that looks good, sounds good, and plays just as well.
I wish there were more titles like Disciples: Sacred Lands. It does a nice job of expanding the strategy audience by making this genre accessible to new players. While it’s not ground breaking by any means, it is a credit to turn based strategy. Its strength of storyline and well versed saga-style campaign structure are welcome additions to this genre.
Disciples: Sacred Lands is truly a landmark in strategy turn-based gaming. The way resource ownership is determined, with your land slowly creeping outward, makes this game unique in the same way that The Settlers distinguished itself in the real-time strategy world. If you, like me, made the mistake of thinking that Disciples was just like Heroes, then you need to take another look at this game. In no time at all you will become a disciple yourself, devoted to playing the game over and over.
GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
But, overall, the game is diverse and extremely well-balanced. Strategy First's previous credits include developing (for Interactive Magic, as Micomeq) two very traditional, sci-fi turn-based strategy games, Fallen Haven and Liberation Day. Both were competent but stodgy. In Disciples the company's finally gotten the mix right, adding depth, visual flare and variety to their previous strengths of ease-of-use and good enemy AI. Maybe it took the fantasy theme to fire their imaginations, but whatever the cause, this time they've got a winner on their hands.
Power Play (Jan, 2000)
Alles in allem funktioniert das Spiel jedoch trotz der Mängel überraschend gut, so daß Freunde des Genres etliche vertiefte Stunden davor verbringen werden und sich auch für andere ein Blick absolut empfiehlt.
Absolute Games ( (Dec 10, 1999)
Сами посудите, решили люди сделать пошаговую стратегию в фэнтезийном мире, да так, чтобы герои были, замки... Извините, опять начал пересказывать содержание HM&M. Короче, захотели они сделать Героев, но так, чтобы на Героев было не похоже. Как осуществить задуманное? Сделать лучше Героев трудно, если не невозможно, значит, нужно сделать хуже. Вот с этой-то задачей разработчики блестяще справились.
Strategy Gaming Online (Sep 27, 1999)
I called Disciples my "sleeper hit of the year" and will stand by that - I've seen little or no press on this entertaining game and I hope that changes. I think they have a winning combination of strategy, tactics, and fun that most people - whether they are strategy experts looking for more "fun" or strategy-newbies that don't want to be overwhelmed with details - will find engaging. It doesn't purport to re-invent the vanilla malt; it does offer a unique and reachable "flavor" that I happily recommend to everyone.
Joystick (French) (Feb, 2002)
Si vous en tenez au graphisme, c'est la fuite assurée. Mais l'ensemble révèle un petit jeu de stratégie suffisamment bon pour vous accrocher.
Ein starkes Deja-vu-Gefühl beschleicht mich hier schon: Der grundsätzliche Spielverlauf, das Helden-System, die Schatzsuche, das Erstürmen der Burgen, all das haben wir schon wesentlich schöner und ausgereifter gesehen, etwa bei Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Aber Disciples deshalb gleich als strategisches Fliegengewicht abzsuchreiben wäre übereilt, denn ein paar interessante Neuerungen werden doch geboten. Das straffe Kampf-System etwa und die originelle Zauberei in der Landschaft sind nicht ohne Reiz. Und wegen der Begrenzung der Armee-Größe verfangen auch die sonst üblichen Taktiken nicht mehr. Wem also Age of Wonders und Co. zu langwierig erscheinen, sollte ruhig mal die Disciples ranlassen.
Overall, Disciples is a good solid game, but if you're looking for groundbreaking, this isn't it. While a few features made me sit up and take notice, for the most part, Disciples takes a lot of the standard turn-based fantasy ingredients and mixes them together in just a slightly different way. Don't get me wrong - it works very well, and gives a deeper, more tactical feel than many similar games. I'd definitely recommend it to turn-based strategy fans, but don't be surprised if you find yourself switching back to old favorites after a short time.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec, 1999)
Disciples ist grafisch altbacken: Meine knubbeligen Helden kann ich in der schlammbraungrünen Landschaft kaum finden. Und bei der Bedienung ist jeder zweite Klick unnötig – wieso werden die Ressourcen nicht ständig angezeigt? Doch die wachsenden Einflußzonen bringen Dynamik, und wegen der Erfahrungsstufen bibbere ich bei Veteranenkämpfen mit. Nur wenn Sie Heroes 3 samt Addon schon durchhaben, ist Disciples einen näheren Blick wert.
65 (Jan 22, 2002)
En somme voici un titre qui malheureusement souffre principalement de son ancienneté même si les amateurs du genre devraient bien accrocher tant ce soft est représentatif de sa catégorie. Il reprend des éléments classiques mais toujours bourrés de charme pour nous offrir un gameplay intéressant et somme toute assez riche. A découvrir par les puristes.
PC Joker (Mar, 2000)
Vier Clans, ebenso viele Schwierigkeitsgrade, über 100 Zaubersprüche und eine Mehrspieleroption für bis zu vier Teilnehmer stehen dabei einer überaus altbackenen Präsentation gegenüber: Trotz 640 x 480 Pixeln versprüht das Iso-Gelände nur biederen VGA-Charme in lediglich 256 Farben. Auch wenn Maussteuerung und Musikuntermalung stimmen, greift man doch lieber zu den originalen Klassikern von Ubi Soft.
Gry OnLine (Aug 13, 2001)
No cóż, ocena „Disciples” jest niezwykle trudna. Nie da się ukryć, że brakuje jej bardzo wiele do serii „Heroes of Might&Magic”. W moim odczuciu to taka uboższa wersja tego tytułu, której siła leży bardziej w niewykorzystanym potencjale niż obecnym kształcie. Z pewnością druga część nadrobi wiele niedociągnięć i można spodziewać się jej ewolucji w dobrym kierunku. Z drugiej strony gra się bardzo przyjemnie i można potraktować „Disciples” jako przerywnik dla innych gier. Pojedyncze misje i tryb multiplayer pozwolą jeszcze długo bawić się grą po zakończeniu kampanii, a dołączony edytor umożliwia stworzenie własnych map.
First, if you’re going to clone something, you want to clone the latest game in the series. But DISCIPLES is even cruder than HEROES I. Gameplay is a shameless ripoff. You advance your fantasy-medieval units around a map, collecting resources, battling enemies, and building up your castle. Sound familiar? Combat is a joke. Units can’t move. To attack, you click on a unit’s portrait, and then on an enemy’s portrait. The move is animated — poorly — on screen. The graphics, murky and low-res, give the game a woeful shareware-type feel throughout. Heck, even if they were giving this game away, I’d still pass. It’s 1999, fellas. Time to stop making 1989 games.