Discworld II: Mortality Bytes! Credits


Lead ProgrammingDavid Johnston
ProducerGregg Barnett
Executive ProducerAngela Sutherland
MusicRob Lord
Design AssistantChris Bateman
ManualChris Bateman, Richard Turner
WriterGregg Barnett
DirectorGregg Barnett
Voice of RincewindEric Idle
Also Featuring the Voices ofNigel Planer, Kate Robbins, Rob Brydon
DialoguePaul Kidd
Tinsel System ProgrammerJohn Young
Game ProgrammersPaul Carpenter, Mark Judge, David Johnston
Animation DirectorSimon Turner
Lead AnimatorSimon Turner
Technical Art DirectorPaul Mitchell
Creative Art DirectorNick Pratt
Chief AnimatorsBen Willsher, Steve Packer
Character DesignMat Taylor
Layouts and StoryboardNick Pratt, Lee Taylor
3D SequencesWarren Hawkes
That's Death' AnimationRob Newman, Guillaume Camus, Mark Booth
Additional ProgrammingAdrian Brown, Jas C. Brooke
Additional AnimationDavid Swan
Animation ScriptingPaul Mitchell, Guillaume Camus, David Hurst, Simon Turner, Mark Booth
Sound EffectsMark Bandola, Paul Weir
Voice Sample ConversionJeremy Tranter
Art Coordination and CheckingAnn Witbrock
External Animation StudioFilCartoon
Head of TestingMatt Stamps
TestersAlastair Cornish, Sefton Hill
Producers for PsygnosisChristophe Gomez, Mark Cochrane
Assistant Producer for PsygnosisLeon Walters
Product Managers for PsygnosisMark Blewitt (UK), Benoite Lavie (France), Ingo Zaborowski (Germany), Mark Day (US)
QA ManagerFeargus Carroll
QA OperationsChristopher Watson
Technical AssistantsCraig Duddle, Brian Walsh, Trevor Jones, Christopher Stanley, Barry John Edwards, Paul Wallace
QA Alpha TestingPaul Tweedle, Anthony Cross
QA Beta TestingJenny Newby, Chris Grannell, Ray Livingston, Andrew Santos, Stephen Allen, Neil Clarke, Mark Halsall, Alan Mawer, Lee O'Connor, Richard John Yandle
QA Master TestingStuart Allen, Mark O'Connor, Edd Hay
QA Technical TestingPat Russell, John Walsh
That's Death' Recording Credits Lyrics and Copyright 1996Eric Idle
Lead VocalEric Idle
Background VocalsCatte Adams, Terry Wood, Carmen Twillie
MusiciansTom Scott, Rick Baptiste, George Bohanon, Alan Pasqua, Dean Parks, Brian Bromberg, Johnny Friday
Project Co‑ordinatorsLynne Scott, Patty Nichols
Arrangement and ProductionTom Scott
Recorded & Mixed atPacifique Recording Studio - North Hollywood CA
Recorded & Mixed byDavid Rideau
'Death of Rats' voiced byKatharine the crocodile
Manual ArtPaul Kidby
Packaging DesignRichard Turner
Manual Editor for PsygnosisDamon Fairclough
Material ChicksKelly Evans, Lorna Owen
Box ArtJosh Kirby
Special Thanks ToVictor Gollancz Ltd for permission to reproduce extracts from the Discworld Companion by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs.
Agent for Terry PratchettColin Smythe
Throwing Rocks From AfarTerry Pratchett

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