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Dishonored (Windows)

Dishonored Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
Intro in a rather Half-Life style - Corvo rides this boat and can look around.
Beautiful architecture of the imperial palace
Corvo decides to wait with the actual quest. He goes to the docks and looks at the water...
Combat is based on dual-wielding pistols and blades, as well as blocking.
The poor Empress was brutally murdered... her last words are addressed to Corvo.
Corvo is thrown into prison.
Such screens appear to teach you some basics about the game.
Many items can be found and scavenged.
You can read books and documents scattered through the game world
Yuck! Get ready for sights like this. The more people you kill, the more of those unattractive creatures you'll meet
In this bar you can hang with your new friends and receive quests in the early portion of the game
You can purchase and upgrade equipment
Corvo's room. Five stars it is not, but all those posters are kinda cozy
This screen is for power-acquiring and RPG-like upgrades
Here, good doggy! Sit! I have a bomb for you riiiight here!.. The problem is that the animal keeps barking when he sees me, attracting the guards
You equip your rune-detecting heart device and lean slightly to take a peek outside. Government buildings have a cold, almost "Soviet" look in the game'
This district is a step up from the rat-infested slums of the lower city. Time to equip my trusty Blink magic on the left hand and start hoppin'
Overseer Campbell may be a bad man, but he sure knows how to party. So sure, there was booze; but TWO bras is a bit overkill, no?
Slackjaw is not afraid to put a wanted poster of himself right there in his office in the whiskey distillery
I love climbing up high, taking a comfortable seat, enjoying the view, and listening to people talk to each other
Dr. Galvani is a mysterious person. At least we know that he has a good taste in arts
Corvo just cut off an officer's head and is proudly carrying it to this gorgeous whorehouse. Maybe he wants to impress that lady of questionable conduct walking in front
You can kill a guard, put a hooker to sleep, and place their bodies next to each other while looking at all the detail in the scenery. Kids, don't do it at home!
A guard is trying to stop me with his bare fists. I got distracted admiring all those lavish photographs on the walls
Dishonored is not in fact the third installment of a well-known adventure game series with lots of puzzles and a distinct visual style
Sometimes it's cozy
Sometimes it's weird
Sometimes it's downright breathtaking
And sometimes it's sickeningly beautiful
What do you think, is it cozy or dreary?
Kinda busy here! Also, her mummy doesn't even look like one