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Disney•Pixar's Monsters, Inc. Scare Island (Windows)

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Disney•Pixar's Monsters, Inc. Scare Island Credits


ProducerMartin Rhéaume
Lead Game DesignerDavid García
Art DirectorAvi Winkler
Executive ProducerRémi Racine
Senior ProducerDenis Lacasse
Chief Creative OfficerClaude Pelletier
Level DesignersÉlie Charest, Philippe Poulin
IllustratorsJean-Philippe Dion, Adam Duff, Jonathan Gingras
Scripts and TextsDavid García, Avi Winkler
Chief Technology OfficerMartin Walker
Senior ProgrammersStéphane Leblanc, Martin Ross
ProgrammersPatrick Bureau, Michel Vachon
Lead Tools ProgrammerRodrigue Cloutier
Tools ProgrammersSimon Chouinard, Marie-Jeanne Lévesque
Lead Level ProgrammerFrançois Abram
Level Programmer Project LeadDominic Fleury
Senior Level ProgrammerSaray Pech
Level ProgrammersFrançois C. Asselin, Maxime Carrier, Julien Gagnon, Martin Poitras, Philippe Turcotte, Carl Vachon
Lead ArtistMarcel Achard
Modeler Project LeadStéphane Joncas
ModelersPhilippe Desrosiers, Jean-François Morier
Additional ModelersMarie-Hélène Ross, Frédéryk Tardif
Animator Project LeadStéphane Duchesne
AnimatorsDaniel Desbiens, Marc Garant, Patrick Saucerotte
Senior 2D ArtistMartin Dubeau
2D Artist/Lightning Project LeadJonathan Jaques
2D Artists/LightningJean-Philippe Rajotte, Pascal Sauvineau, Florin Stoenescu
Sound DesignersYves Gendron, Mathieu Jeanson
Additional Sound DesignerJean-Frédéric Vachon
Lead TesterCédric Michéa
TestersBradley Bourne, Pierre-Luc Foisy
MusicP. Roger, T. Sohet
Music mixingN. Cheruvy, P. Roger, T. Sohet
French LocalizationMaxime Carrier, Steeve Lapointe, Cédric Michéa, Martin Rhéaume
Special Thanks ToVanessa Brown, Eric Begin, Stéphane Caron, Scott Cuthbertson, Carole Degoulet, Catherine Duperron, Lyne Gauthier, Stéphanie Langlois, Alain Moreau, Térence Mosca-Toba, Donald Polite, Luigi Priore, Nina Priore, Maria Radice, Martin Saindon, Tamira Webster, Dan Winters
Producer (Disney)Peter Wyse
Associate Producer (Disney)Patrick Larkin
Senior Artist (Disney)Ken Christiansen
Senior Producer (Disney)Fritz Bronner
Manager, QA (Disney)David Arnspiger
Supervisor, QA (Disney)Douglas Jacobs
Project Leader (Disney)Genevieve Roestel
Senior Tester (Disney)Luke Jozwiak
QA Test Team (Disney)Peter Filice, Eitan Levine, Stephen H. Lewis, Michael O'Brien, Cory Williams
QA Tech Team (Disney)Mario Donis, Emil Haghnazarian, Brian Haynie, Caesar Infante, Jaime Serrano, Scott Toroll (Supervisor QA Tech Team), David Yeung (Project Lead Windows)
QA Operations and Support TeamSusan Carne, Susan Flores
Customer Support LiaisonPatrick R. Burns
Documentation SupervisorBarry Schwartz
Disney Character VoicesDouglas Carrigan, Randy Coppinger, Beth Glenday, Rita Kedineoglu, Ned Lott, Susan Ryan
With the voice talents ofReinhard Brock, Marina Köhler, Ole Pfennig, Barbara Ratthey, Ilja Richter

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Credits for this game were contributed by phlux (4143)