Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge Credits

Credits: Argonaut Software Ltd

ProgrammersThomas Daniel, Aaron Fothergill, Nik Hemmings, Paul Hope, Tom Kermode, David McEwen, Jonathan Wolff, Wolf
Lead ArtistMatt Startin
AritstsJason Cunningham, Peter Dobbin, Neil Gregory, Mike Kitson, Franck Morel, Emma Page, Lisa Springett, Bryan Verboon
Lead AnimatorKen Doyle
AnimatorsEoin Coughlan, Simon Grell, Tom O Flaherty
DesignWilliam Carter, Alex Cullum, Jake Fearnside, Alex Rutter, Iain Wright, Bryan Verboon, Lynsey Bradshaw (original design concept)
QA ManagerRichard Pareja
Lead TesterIan Ball
TestersZoe Baughan, Neall Campbell, Sebastian Canniff, Dan McNeil, Germaine Mendes
MusicHigher Sound, Rob Lord
Sound EffectsAdam Fothergill, Karin Griffin
Audio ProgrammerRichard Griffiths
Produced byBen Tuszynski, Craig Howard
Thanks toRobert Lever, Sean Rhodes, Ashley Tarver, Mark Stephenson, Nick Rodriguez, All at Disney, Sony Computer Entertainment, The A4 Team, Lewis Gordon, Wayne Billingham, Ben Wyatt

Credits: Disney Interactive

Director of Production, ConsoleDan Winters
Associate ProducerJared Brinkley
Senior Tester Douglas Jacobs
Lead Tester Roger Bray
TestersAmir Firozkar, Lester Zapata, John Schaefer, Derek Hess, Justin De Crow, Azad Khachatrian, Daniel Alvarado, Sean Aguirre
With The Voice Talents OfJodi Benson, Val Bettin, Corey Burton, Dan Castellaneta, Jim Cummings, Patrick Fraley (credited as Pat Fraley), Jonathan Freeman, Gilbert Gottfried, Linda Larkin, Scott Weinger, Frank Welker, Michael Welch
Original Songs from The Disney's Aladdin Motion Picture:
"A Whole New World"Alan Menken (Music by), Tim Rice (Words by), © 1992 Wonderland Music Company Inc. [BMI]/The Walt Disney Music Company [ASCAP]. All Rights Reserved.
Music For The Game Arranged byRob Lord
Special ThanksThom Ang, Tom Barlow, Jeffrey Berting, Andreas Deja, Beth Glenday, Joel Goodsell, Walt Disney - Feature Animation, Walt Disney - Feature Animation Library, Daniel E. Suarez

Credits: SCEE.....

Producer (Europe) James Dillon
Product Manager (Europe) Isabelle Tomatis
Manual Editor Jim Sangster
Packaging & DesignNadim Othman
QA ManagerGeoff Rens
Internal QA ManagerDavid Parkinson
QA SupervisorJim McCabe
Localisation testing Co-OrdinatorElodie Hummel
Localisation testingBritta Kuhnen, Susana Paredes, Miguel Ataz, Domenico Visone, Nadège Josa, Gaëlle Leysour de Rohello
Lead TesterPhil Green
Test TeamCarl McKane, Ian Cunliffe, Michael Kennedy
TRCPaul French

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