Divinity II: Ego Draconis (Windows)

Divinity II: Ego Draconis Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Character Creation
Morgana talks to a ghost about new ways to make things explode (meaning alchemy).
The game is riddled with books you can read for fun.
The first village on your journey is a bit small.
Looking at myself while talking to that nice lady.
At the end of each quest you can choose between different rewards.
Fighting a skeleton in a crypt - classic roleplaying-style.
That strange ball was a boss-enemy.
These shrines act as waypoints to travel faster over the map.
Dungeon Crawlers for the win!
The world map shows only the most imporant information.
The inventory fills up very fast.
The skill tree is two pages long - something some players forget :).
Creating a creature from spare body parts.
Getting a first taste of using my dragon powers.
Did I already mention dungeons?
This funny sorcerer is really important on the prosecution of the game
The game is full of funny things. The owner of this house has a real passion for pigs
I've climbed Lovis' Tower and am enjoying the view of the Broken Valley
Maxos Tower is ahead - full of battles and riddles
You'll need to do some simple platforming in a few segments of the game
Try not to get surrounded. These armored dudes hit hard
This dragon hides in shadows and hits you with very powerful attacks. You'll have to find a way to bring him down
Welcome to the Sentinel Island. What a view! I swam all the way up to this islet, climbed on top of it, and found a nest of giant birds.
The Battle Tower lies ahead. You try to fend off wyvern attacks
Dragon Elves roam the island and will attack you on sight
Boss fight. This demon casts fiery spells on me and my companion Sassan
Fight in the throne room of the Battle Tower
Beautiful terrace outside
As a dragon, you lead an assault on enemy defences
This is your Alchemy Garden
You can assemble your own creature from various body parts and summon it in battle
As the lord of the Battle Tower you are entitled to some... err... dubious entertainment
Your headquarters. Seems pretty cozy!
Beautiful view of the Fjords, as a human
Check out my new helmet. I'm fighting some high-level goblins, and they set me on fire!
You can also equip your dragon form! Look at this helmet and those leggings! It's kinda cute :)
Powered-up dragon in the heat of battle