DLC Quest Credits (Windows)

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DLC Quest Credits


DesignBen Kane
ProgrammingBen Kane
ArtBen Kane
Easystorage byNick Gravelyn, easystorage.codeplex.com
Titledlib byNick Gravelyn, bitbucket.org/nickgravelyn/titledlib
Music byOskar Hanberg (Ozzed), www.ozzed.net, Used with permission, 8-Bit Empire - 'Indiscriminate' [Bad Guy], 8-Bit Empire - 'Here Comes the 8-Bit Empire' [Night Area], 8-Bit Empire - 'A Well-worked Analogy' [Main Area 1], Cor Metallicum - 'Interception' [Title], 8-Bit Empire - Termosdynamik' [Main Area 2], 8-Bit Empire - 'Satisfucktion' [Cave Area], 8-Bit Empire - 'The Day Time Ran Away' [Random Encounter], 8-Bit Empire - 'Stuff Role' [Good Ending], 8-Bit Empire - 'The Final End' [Bad Ending]
Sound EffectsAll sounds licensed under creative commons, 'Sampling Plus 1.0' or 'Attribution 3.0', creativecommons.org/licenses/sampling+/1.0/, creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Users and sounds can be found atwww.freesounds.org, Herbert Boland (HerbertBoland - cinematicboomnorm), cgeffex [whip cracks], dkmedic [applause], scriptique [super slow-slide], benboncan [till with bell], ddohler [door_knock_r]
FontsLarabie Fonts Collection from Typodermic Fonts, 'Joystix Monospace', http://typodermicfonts.com/the-larabie-fonts-collection, Ray Larabie
Special Thanks & TestersXNA Community, Playtesters, MVPs, Apocalypex, Jordan Ashton, Sean Chapel, Jesse Chounard, City41, Chris Dusovic, Chris Fournier, Nathan Goings, Sean Graham, Adam Henderson (Twig), Nate Hubler, Sebastiaan Jansen, Bjarki Thor Jonsson, Joda, Lexusjjss, Charlie Long (Chiz), Piotr Lysek, Ryan McLean, Sam McGregor, Sorvin, The_Maddeath, Eric Wojnar (Silvers)

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