DLC Quest Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game starts with this disclaimer.
Main menu
Opening sequence
Don't be alarmed when you can't do much at the start of the game.
Overview of the first DLC packs you can buy.
Use the grindstone 10,000 times to forge a sword. Or ... get a DLC pack.
There are some hidden areas.
Enemy encounter Final Fantasy-style.
How would you like exclusive pre-order DLC?
You need a map to travel through the forest.
There are helpful signs scattered around.
Nothing to see here.
Anything else? Go away old man, I don't even know you.
You can kill sheep, even though the shepherd asks you not to.
On the other side of the forest.
The top hat DLC, fancy clothers DLC and zombies DLC have been purchased.
This opponent can only be killed with a gun.
You need another map to travel back through the forest.
Overview of the DLC already bought
My horse has some shiny armour now.
The gun has been acquired.
Please pay for the real ending.
End of the game
Overview of the achievements
Choose original campaign or Live Freemium or Die DLC
Live Freemium or Die: Title screen
Live Freemium or Die: Before you can start helping the villagers you need to purchase the Incredibly Important Pack for the mayor
Live Freemium or Die: New wall-jumping mechanic explained
Live Freemium or Die: The game now has sharp spikes and checkpoints
Live Freemium or Die: ...and a health bar
Live Freemium or Die: Wall-jumping
Live Freemium or Die: Take that you zombie sheep!
Live Freemium or Die: The game imitates loosing connection to the server
Live Freemium or Die: That looks like a massive list of objectives
Live Freemium or Die: Of course you can't proceed into the snow stage until you purchase Season Pass
Live Freemium or Die: Just bought Next Gen Pack. Doesn't it look so next gen?