Doctor Who: City of the Daleks Credits


The DoctorMatt Smith
Amy PondKaren Gillan
SlyviaSara Carver
Dalek VoicesNicholas Briggs
Voice DirectorsGary Russell, Charles Cecil

Sumo Digital

Programming LeadJames Sutherland
ProgrammersPhillip Woods, Carl Dixon, Dan Mallinson, Henry Durrant, Sean Davies, Tom Seddon
Design LeadWill Tarratt
DesignNana Louise Nielsen, Stuart Yarham, Mike Welsh, Sarah Cook
ScriptingNana Louise Nielsen, Stuart Yarham, Mike Welsh, Sarah Cook
ConceptsRichard Jordan
StoryboardsRichard Jordan
Art LeadMichael Hirst
ArtistsChris Pepper, Igloo Digital Arts, John Hackleton
Animation LeadIan Deary
AnimatorsLee Taylor, Phil Hanks, Steve Thomas, Shruti Rao, Simon Wottge, Robin Butler, Simon Bradley
Graphic Design LeadChantal Beaumont
Sound EditorPat Phelan
F9 QA LeadMark Bridges
F9 QAMark Freeman, Tom Barker, Nathaniel Umipeg, Philip Palermo, Chase Lawhead
Additional SupportMark Thackery, James Drew, Damian Fowkes, Neil Fielding, Toby Allen, Nick Sibbick, Laura Schofield, Hayley Brant, Gary McLoughlin
Creative DirectionSean Millard
Art ManagerDominic Hood
Art DirectorDarren Mills
Core Tech ManagerStephen Robinson
Technical DirectorAshley Bennett
Executive ProducerPat Phelan
Studio HeadPaul Porter
European VPCarl Cavers
With Thanks ToThe BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Original Theme MusicRon Grainer
Casting DirectorAndy Pryor (CDG)
MusicMurray Gold
Sound EffectsMatt Cox
Music EditorPat Phelan, Doug Sinclair
Voice RecordingBang Post Production, SIS Live, The Moat Studios
Technical Project ManagerRichard Josebury
Legal ManagerIfty Khan
Production ExecutiveJulie Scott
Script EditorLindsey Alford
Interactive ProducerRichard Jenkins
Senior ProducerMat Fidell
Executive Producers, InteractiveAnwen Aspden, Charles Cecil
Executive ProducersSteven Moffat, Piers Wenger, Beth Willis

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Credits for this game were contributed by Silverfish (1346)