DogFighter Credits (Windows)

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DogFighter Credits

Production Staff

Executive ProducerDamien Gallagher
Technology LeadEric Reinhart
EngineDermot Gallagher, Ronan Pearce, Chris Gregan
ToolsDermot Gallagher, Ronan Pearce, Chris Gregan
Game ProgrammingSebastian Gross, Richard Allen, Lukas Buricin, Brendan Burns, Dermot Gallagher
Senior DesignerSean McCafferty
ArtJonathan Goodman, Marty Mulroe
Audio ScriptingSean McCafferty
Audio ProductionHigh Score Productions, Radio G, Mik O'Connell
Web DevelopmentJason Frog, Arek Jaworski
QA StaffAaron Donaghey, Diarmuid Gallagher, Damien Gallagher, Adam Smart, Stephen Rutherford
Additional ProgrammingArek Jaworski, Rory Kelly, Dennis Heaney
Additional DesignDamien Gallagher, Eric Reinhart, Aaron Donaghey
Additional ArtMen Lu, Pete McNally, Feargal Plant, Lee Grumley, Jessica Drabble
Additional QA StaffDarragh Lydon, Eamonn Bradley
QA TestersAdam Hurrell, Andrew Grier, Colm Russell, David Fakler, Emmett McIntyre, Gordon Ballentine, James Thompson, Jessica Drabble, Jorel Bautista, Karl Kelly, Lee Grumley, Niall Harrigan, Richard Langston, Rodrigo Montiel Gavito, Ross Harrison, Thomas Walker

Additional Staff

ChairmanFrank Gallagher
CEODavid Lawton
Finance ManagerLee Fallon
Systems AdministratorSean Courtney
Special ThanksNeil Simms, Ralph Chalmers, Viridian Growth Fund, Invest Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Screen

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