Advertising Blurbs

1997 Computer Gaming World:

    Four merciless races vie for control of the Galaxy. Each a unique challenge to command or destroy. Can you dominate them all?

    Four distinct races each with unique technologies and tactics.

    Graphics and combat animation that blows away the competition.

    Command and control structure that lets you concentrate on kicking ass.

    More men, more machines, more strategic depth than any other game.


    Contributed by Zovni (10666) on Jul 09, 2001.

Eidos Interactive Game Catalog:
    For years, games have been promising "real-time strategy". Finally, Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3 delivers. With 30+ frames per second in all four resolutions, and the most sophisticated AI ever, Dominion is REAL real-time for quick play. You'll need this speed to defeat your enemies as they build bases and perform feint and cooperative group attacks. Dominion is the real-time strategy game that lives up to its name.

  • 4 races, each with distinctive strengths and weaknesses.
  • 8-player multiplayer, with deathmatching and cooperative modes.
  • Most sophisticated AI ever in a real-time strategy game.
  • 95,000 frames of animation flash before your eyes in blinding speed (30+ frames per second in all 4 resolutions).

    Contributed by MAT (179128) on Apr 15, 2001.