Doom Rails Credits (Windows)

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Doom Rails Credits

Dream Forge Entertainment

DirectorMike Barnhill
Operations DirectorStephanie Pepper
ProducerDaniel B. McMillan
ProgrammerTom Dicesare
Game ConceptTom Dicesare
Network ProgrammerSean O'Neil
Security Programming (1.1.0)John Yellott
Lead DesignerStephen Seachord
DesignerTom Ross
Art DirectorBilly Dallas Patton
Lead AnimatorFred Howard
AnimatorsFrank Serrano, Steve Davis
Voice TalentJohn Giles
Lead 3D ArtistMatthew Link
3D ArtistsRyan Taylor, Dan McKim, Sean Maloney
Lead Texture ArtistNick Canavan
Lead Technical ArtistKaleb Prichard
Texture ArtistsArthur Rodriguez, Jason Pytko
Lead Concept ArtistDavi Blight
Concept ArtistsFred Fields, Tyler Windham
Audio DirectorGabriel Smith
Co‑composer (Nightmare Level)Gabriel Smith
Music ComposerOliver Wallner
Special Thanks toMystic Game Development, Jason Aunkst, Ethan Houge, Nathan Winfrey, John Posey, Troy Biscomb
TestersDylan Smith, Zackary Knott, Jackson Knott, Jeffery Moseley, Chris Hobbs, Tim Emfinger, Chad Thomas, Dustin Norton, Nathan Caswell, Ashleigh Philippi, Christopher Lee, Ashley Giles, Anjelica Monahan

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