Doom, the Roguelike Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Enter your name and choose a trait.
Look mode
The introduction, just as in Doom...
The in-game help system.
The inventory.
Shooting is done by going into shoot mode and selecting your target.
There are also levers to activate. Wonder what will happen...
Equipment and character traits.
Unlike Doom, you can push the barrels. This can help a lot as they blast through walls.
Shooting barrels is as much fun as in Doom!
A nice little bloodbath.
That was one too much...
As in any self-respecting roguelike, you get a PostMortem.
And there's also a hall of fame.
Title screen (graphics mode)
Main menu (graphics mode)
Entering the Phobos base... (graphics mode)
Selecting a target (graphics mode)
Picked up a berserk pack... you need to taste blood! (graphics mode)
Level up: choose a trait to upgrade
Some stairways lead to special challenge levels (graphics mode)
In Hell's Arena (graphics mode)
Found a computer map: the dungeon is revealed (graphics mode)
A more irregular, cave-like environment (graphics mode)
Fuel barrels are always handy when monsters are nearby (graphics mode)
Outnumbered on Deimos (graphics mode)
A Hell Knight in the Containment Area (graphics mode)
Found a... thermonuclear bomb!? (graphics mode)
A rather nasty fight... (graphics mode)
...Didn't make it out of this one. (graphics mode)
The postmortem (graphics mode)