DOOM³ (Windows)

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Written by  :  James1 (247)
Written on  :  Aug 17, 2004
Platform  :  Windows

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Lived up to my expectations

The Good

Ahh, where to start. I must say, when I saw the first screenshots of Doom 3 a few years ago, I was totally blown away! The quality of the graphics rivaled some of the Pixar films (at that time) and they looked just sensational. Whats more, thanks to Carmack's coding genius, the graphics ran smoothly on my mid-range system. Also, I really enjoyed using the weapons a lot. The gameplay is somewhat different to any other First Person Shooter out there, being somewhat slower paced, which was a welcome change. Also, it was nice to see a proper story in a shooting game. The 5.1 surround sound is the best Ive ever heard in a game.

The Bad

Despite all the positive attributes above, the game has a few downfalls. Sometimes, the game feels like just a big technology/graphics demo. Now dont get me wrong, its an awesome tech demo! But it just felt like a tech demo at parts. Also I would have liked to go outside of the base a bit, like actually see a huge expanse of Mars terrain to explore.

The Bottom Line

Doom 3 is a like it or hate it game. If you like the latest graphics/sound design, Doom 3 has the best graphics/sound to date. If you dont like trudging around dark corridors, I would wait till Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2 comes out (which is reportedly being made using the Doom 3 engine.) Although in its infancy, the Doom 3 engine has loads of potential!