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Beermat Software
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Beermat Software
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Sep 02, 1998
Patch History
Jan 29, 1999
Jan 29, 1999
Jan 30, 1999
Feb 11, 1999
Mar 02, 1999
Mar 08, 1999
Version 1.2 (
- 'New Game' and 'Exit' button added to game window
- Purchase price of drugs now displayed in trenchcoat window
- 'Trade City' data moved to file to allow updates to the City list
- 'Finish' button appears on last day, to close trading
- New web site created to automate registration of scores
- Sound added to certain events, plus menu item to enable/disable sounds
- Score encryption method changed from insecure 'white noise' generator to a more secure 32 bit encryption technique
- 'Finances' button added to game window. You can now manage your finances at any time at no time cost
- 'New Game' menu item, to allow restart of the game after 5 days if you are on a bad run
Sep 02, 1999
Aug 02, 2000
Version 2.0 ( -
- 15, 60 and 90 day game length (registered version only)
- Price History window (registered version only)
- Loan Sharks, to borrow money off during the game
- 'Flatter' and more varied drug pricing model to increase the skill factor
- Dope Wars Super Store, for purchasing guns and ammo
- More usable interface - less clicking around closing windows!
- Stronger encryption of score keys, to help deter cheating in the World Tables
- Ability to download top 5 scores from the website for each game length
- Hospital button, to buy some healin' when the cops or loan sharks hurt you too much
- More options for fighting, running and staying when Officer Hardass comes a-calling
- Fly to new cities during the game, as well as travel within your current city
Aug 22, 2001
Version 2.1 (v2.1.0.0)-(Including Betas -
- New score encryption
- New images for all the games characters
- Built-in City Editor
- End of game statistics window
- Nasty doctor!
- Kidney Dialysis Machine available for sale, randomly
- Infections if your health drops below 80% and stays there for 5 days
- No more alleged 'cop killing', or 'real' weapons
- Finance window redesigned for convenience
- Loan sharks released from jail in random order
- Old lady can say your name in her phrases
- More anti-cheat and cracking protection
- ‘City, Country’ label on main window scrolls if text too big to fit
- LCD font decreases when 'Cash' or 'Bank' goes over 1 billion, for those big scores
- UI improvements for easier playing by the blind and partially sighted
- Work around to the 'black screen' databank. Option to view it as text
- Numerous tweaks and fixes to minor problems
Mar 23, 2002
Version 2.2 (v2.2.0.0)-(Including Beta
- New score encryption. Older versions scores no longer compatible with Dopewars site
- 120 Day game length (registered version only)
- Weapons and text editor - change the weapons and fight text to your own choice
- Extra end of game statistics showing breakdown of score
- Fixed the zero cash loan bug
- Play changes - can not take more than one loan per day, bank interest rate reduced to 3%
- Cop Chase changes - less deputies chasing you, but more damage done by them

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