Dracula: Origin Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
A book shown in the introduction.
The main logbook with reports, documents, the inventory and transcripts of the conversations.
Van Helsing looks into the disappearance of a girl.
Save Game screen
You need to use clues to match a correct location here.
Exploring the graveyard.
Outside of the cemetery
A shed
One of the riddles in the graveyard
Finally inside the house. You need to find a way to distract the servant on the floor, eating bugs.
Inside the mansion
Dracula is not here apparently.
Another riddle
Dracula in a cut-scene with Van Helsing
Van Helsing arrives in Egypt
The Egyptian museum
Loading screen (Egypt)
Inside a tomb
The snake is guarding an item.
A difficult riddle where you need to match the hieroglyphs with words, only using a handful clues.
The evil tomb outside of Cairo
In Cairo, Mustapha is the only street person who speaks your language
The Count himself in a cut scene while Van Helsing travels to Vienna.
In Vienna, Van Helsing talks with his friend, Seward, and the Duchess Orlowski
A puzzle which combines music with chemistry
The University Library (Vienna)
The first room in the Saint Carousel Abbey (Vienna)
This evil monk is burning alive!
Demonic rituals are being performed here.
Cut scene on the way to Transylvania
The proprietor of this Transylvanian inn/pub is not very hospitable
Van Helsing hides inside a wine barrel
This is one of the most unusual puzzles I've ever seen in a game
The Great Hall inside Count Dracula's castle
Aha! A cache of armor and shields!
Game options
Victorian setting
Looking for an entrance to a mausoleum
The streets of Cairo
I'll have to rent me a dromedary to go into the desert outside the city