Dragon Age II (Windows)

Dragon Age II Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen + Main menu
Lovely loading screen
Choose the character class
The game starts with this dwarf being interrogated...
...by a certain mysterious Chantry messenger
The destruction of Lothering, familiar to us from the first game
Combat against Darkspawn
New dialogue choices (like in Mass Effect... simplified); same "bloody faces"...
Well, it's called DRAGON Age...
Character creation
Stylish cutscene
Ability tree for a warrior
Inventory screen
The battles are faster and surely more gruesome.
You can spend hours reading about Dragon Age setting in codex.
An old friends, always nice to meet them.
Party selection screen.
Characters always have something to say each other.
It's about dragons, after all.
The dialogs are now done in Mass Effect wheel style.
That thaig looks different, what secrets lie behind?
You can have romance with characters, like in previous game.
Party members frequently comment on whatever strikes their fancy. Typical Merrill observation here :)
So our heroes decided to take a break from all this questing and visit a... err... erm... ancient establishment of carnal pleasures
That's a lot of lava, guys. Wouldn't want to fall down there, now would we?
Can you say "GIANT SPIDER"?!..
The viscount is a wicked guitar player, I'm telling you. He can do a badass solo on "Giant Steps"
In case you can't take a hint, BioWare decided to provide each dialogue option with an "emoticon". So THAT's where our "friendship" is going...
Yup, what you see is no mod or hack, that's right there in the original game. Equal rights to everyone, you know what I'm saying?..
The best screenshot for this game, ever, trust me :) And look, you can actually "break her heart"...
Enchantment? Enchantment!.. Remember the slow-witted dwarf Sandal from the previous game? He's back with a vengeance. You attempt to enhance Varric's favorite weapon, a crossbow called "Bianca"
As you complete quests, you become wealthier. You move to your own Hawke estate. Looks lovely, don't you think?
This quest involves investigating serial murders of women. You can see a chest with a difficulty level on it. You can also see Merrill in a new outfit - companions get them after completing a romance
Ehh... yeah, I think that would be a good idea :)
Just admiring the view, is all
Is this a sword stuck in your leg or are you just happy to see me?
Tough choices, VERY tough choices...
Resisted! Interrupted! Resisted! Resisted! Come on guys, keep the rhythm, I don't do aerobics with lazy people! 1-2-3-4!..
Oh wow... DESIRE demon, that's what it is, indeed...
This guy is one of the final bosses. I wonder if he considered a visit to a dermatologist?