Written by  :  Lady T-Dawg (719)
Written on  :  Feb 09, 2010
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars

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Bombastic! Fantastic! Romantic!

The Good

First, I loved those characters in the party. I feel that the characters are very human. You can feel from the conversations between them that everyone have their own personality. They belong to different nations, different cultures, and a very interesting part is how you can feel it from the way they speak. The part I loved most was the dog. This dog feels absolutely real. He has a lot of expressions, no matter if he is cute or hurt, his expressions always make my heart change. Just like when you see real animals and feel touched by their expressions.

Second, I like the fact you can make different decisions. They have a lot of situations after which the story will follow a different path depending on the decision. For example, in the dwarf city we can choose to help the older guy or the young prince, and after we made this decision you have completely different dialogue, through those dialogues you can really feel the difference between the politics of those two people.

One part that made me enjoy this game more are the graphics. When you are standing in front of a palace, you can see this view around you, gives you goosebumps. Because this great feeling is like in real life. Cut-scenes are well-made. This part with the battle, when everyone run in one direction, you just feel the atmosphere, it makes you nervous, like you are in this fight. When I played this game, I felt I was fighting for myself, like I'm the member of this battle. It's like in Lord of the Rings. And the amazing part is when this dragon appears.

I like the gameplay. I like the way you build your characters. You can choose different ways to develop your characters. You can train them to fight better or to talk with people better. And when you train yourself to talk better, you can solve the quests by talking instead of fighting.

They really have good music. When you fight, the music around you adds to the atmosphere and makes you nervous. And the whole orchestra makes things larger and greater.

The Bad

I just felt it was short. And I feel the ending is not heavy enough. The whole story makes me feel heavy and serious, but the ending is not like this. That's the only part where I felt a little bit disappointed.

The Bottom Line

I haven't played many RPGs. I heard a lot about this company, how good their games are. Before I had doubt in my heart, because I couldn't understand why people enjoyed those games so much. But now I found the reason. I was amazed by this game's appeal in so many ways. This game made me feel more interested in RPGs.