Dragon Dice Credits (Windows)

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Dragon Dice Credits


Executive ProducerAlan Pavlish
ProducerScott Mathews
Associate ProducerChip Bumgardner
Lead DesignMatthew J. Norton
Production AssistantsJason G. Suinn, Chris Parker
Lead ArtistJeremy Smith
ArtistMichael A. Field
Intro Movie ArtJustin Sweet
Concept ArtVance Kovacs
ProgrammingDan Spitzley, Yuki Furumi
AI ProgrammingChris Farranetta
Audio DirectorCharles Deenen
Audio ProducerChris Borders
Sound EffectsCraig Duman
Director of QAChad Allison
Assistant Director of QAColin Totman
QA IS TechniciansBill Delk, Aaron Meyers
QA Lead TestersDavid L. Simon, Derek Bullard, Frank Wesolek
QA Backup Lead TestersDarrell Jones, Anthony Taylor
TestersTimothy Anderson, Richard Barker, James Dunn, John Fernando, Douglas Finch, Charlie Gale, Scot Humphreys, Michael Krueger, Erick Lujan, Robert C. Minnick, Robert Nichols, Bill Field, Christian D. Peak, Dennis Presnell, Eduardo Robles, Lawrence Smith
Indigo Moon ProgrammingEd Folz, Andrew Howat, Kevin Solie, Jude Greer
Voice ActorsJonathon Harris, Jeff Glenn Bennett, Rob Paulsen, Charles Adler, Jim Cummings
Music byPlanet Music in conjunction with Four Bars Entertainment
Character Design and AnimationAcorn Entertainment
Special ThanksScott McKelvey, Scott Everts, Christopher Taylor, Wendy, Rebekah, Luke, Thee O' Fo Dollas, DSL, Dan Williams
Dragon Dice is dedicated to the memory ofJoan Seymour (the greatest woman to ever step foot on the earth)

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Credits for this game were contributed by faceless (445), Freeman (40967) and Matt Norton (28)