Dragon Dice (Windows)

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Written by  :  John Murphy (4)
Written on  :  Apr 07, 2002
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Not the best pen and paper game converted to the PC, but it has some good points.

The Good

Dragon Dice was a great pen and paper game and most of the elements carried over into the computer game. You get a certain number of armies to fight with and many spells to cast. You also get to use dragons! And, in my opinion, the best component of this game was when you get to control the giant hand that rolls the dice.

The Bad

Dragon Dice was way too hard to learn. I had to go through the tutorial in the game three times just to get started. The interface sucks. You never really learn what all the symbols on the dice mean unless you have played the original game. The entire battle mode seems to be based on luck. Not a game I would recommend.

The Bottom Line

If you really liked the board game, then you might enjoy this for a while. Like I said, it does have the gigantic hand that picks up your army and uses them as dice. That's a high point. The only one I can really think of right now. But, if you find the game for a cheap price, you may want to check it out.