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Dragon Portals (Windows)

Dragon Portals Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen
Title screen and main menu. Two game modes are locked until later.
Opening story
The game map
Level 1
I filled up the bar at the bottom. Now any matches until the end of the level are extra points.
Level completed
I have earned a power up. I decide which one.
I have unlocked the Survival game mode.
I need to break the locks to move these orbs.
I have gotten a Thor's Hammer.
I used the Thor's Hammer power up.
These guys want me to take pictures of some dragons.
Taking a picture of the correct dragon.
The photography report.
I failed to complete this level.
Using the Fireworks power up.
I reached a new area.
I have unlocked the Islands game mode.
Level 1 of the new area.
Starting the Challenge of Meteor in the Survival game mode.
Selecting an island to play in the Islands game mode.