Drawn: Trail of Shadows Credits

Big Fish Studios

Executive ProducerPatrick Wylie
Sr. ProducerChris Campbell
DesignersChris Campbell, Brian Thompson
Art DirectorBrian Thompson
Lead DeveloperPeter Yiap
ArtistsHamzah Kasom, Soi H. Che (credited as Soi Che), Ted Galaday
AnimationRebecca Coffman, Michael Baran
DevelopersRachel Weil, Sean Richer ('DronGuy'), Ryan Hoaglan
QA Senior DirectorCurtis Reynolds
QA ManagerBrander Roullett (Badger)
QA Associate ManagersChris Tobolski, Wendy Scodeller
Game LeadWendy Scodeller
Lab LeadJoseph E. Ezell (credited as Joe Ezell)
Senior TestersBrandon Banaag, Leila Vandiver
QA TestersAlex von Hochtritt, Christina Kasinger, Cody Taff, Evan Query, Joanie M. Rich, Jon Shaiman, Jonathan Bettger, Joseph Losee, Justin Pedersen, Katherine Morton, Scott Tengelin, Sean Gabrielyan, Stephen Dunn
Lab TechsPeter Corwin, Will Herschelman, Tony Ferreira
Localization ManagerMatt Decker
Localization Project ManagersFusako Nozaka, Lisa Daly
Research and Focus TestingChristine Davis, Benjamin Sarb

Original Music, Sound Design, Casting & Voiceovers by Clean Cuts Music

Audio ProducersTori Pavone, Tom Dao
ComposersAustin Caughlin, Chris Kennedy, Wall Matthews
Music MixersRich Isaac
Sound DesignersJared Bartlett, Cadell Cook, Nate DeLucca, Harry Evans, Archie Moore, Joe Powers, John Rigatuso, Alex Righter, James Yanisko
Franklin (voice)Paul Bicknell
Iris (voice)Zephyr Ingle

Video Edit & Graphics by Cerebral Lounge

EditorOwen Lang
Graphic DesignerCameron Blake
Cerebral Lounge ProducerDeisha Gardner

Special Thanks

Special ThanksJeremy Lewis, Paul Thelen, John Holland, Morgan Harter, Jessica Sachs, Susan Lusty, Margie Bissainthe, Mike Anderson, Emmanuel Icart, Emmanuel Marty, Joni Campbell, Melinda, Cora, Brooks, Eric Christensen, Salimah Osman, Xiayu Zhu, Robin Mayhew, Ian Richer, Francelia Richer, Julia, Violet, Jennifer Sireklove, Kelvin Sung, Jeremy Darling, Randall L. Monroe Jr. (Staff Sergeant), Leechew Saechang, Ucwatuget, Twinkster B. Kittycat, Porsche B., ...and the rest of Big Fish Studios
Photo CreditJanuary Fredericks
Production BabiesPenelope Grace Baran, Elliott Michael Asterion Richer
And Most Of All We Want to ThankYOU!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76671)