Driver: Parallel Lines Credits

Ubisoft Reflections

Studio ManagerGareth Edmondson
General ManagerRobin Wardle
Franchise ConceptMartin Edmondson


ProducerFrancesco Cavallari
Production AssistantAndrew Howat


Engineering ManagerChris Preston
Technical DirectorChristopher Jenner
Associate Technical LeadRussell Lazzari
Technical LeadPete Jones
Lead Renderer ProgrammerSimon O'Connor
ProgrammingBruno Alborini, Allan Bentham, Scott Comber, Patrick Lau, John McKenna, Massimiliano Rossi, Andrew Scott
Additional ProgrammingCampbell Hooper, Torn Morris, William Musson


Art ManagerJack Couvela
Art Technical LeadAndreas Tawn
Graphic DesignerCraig Anderson
Art Production AssistantWilliam Brown
Art LeadJoss Scouler
Environment ArtistsMark Adamson, Paul Foster, Paul Gerrard, Dave Hall, Nick Honey, John Smiley, Martyn Wilson
Character LeadRobin Armstrong
Character ModellersMarcus Hardy, Richard Robinson
Vehicle Art LeadPaul Dykes
Vehicle ArtistsSimon Auchterlonie, Paul Maidens


Script Manager Steve Boland
Senior ScripterAnt Erskine
Additional ScriptersAlex Mayer, John Shires, Simon Cooper


Sound EngineerSebastian Thomas

Tools Development

Tools ManagerPeter Young
Tools AdministratorBob David
Tools EngineersDavid Chaplin, Philip Lutas, Ben Merrick, Richard Munn, Steven Proctor, Johnathan Rivers
Additional Tools EngineersRaymond Baines, Kevin Wilson

Game Design

Design ManagerCraig Lawson
DesignersDale Scullion, Andrew Stewart
Additional DesignersIan Mayor, Martin Oliver


QA ManagerPier Francesco Tortorelli
TesterPeter Ryde


IT ManagerPaul Noble
IT AdministratorJohn Hurst
Special ThanksBridgette Smith, Heather Richards, Heather Bamford, Gillian Daglish, Jane Armstrong, Samantha Williams (Ubisoft Ltd), Laurie Cooper (Ubisoft Ltd), David Dames (Ubisoft Studios Barcelona), Dario Migliavacca (Ubisoft Studios Milan), Emanuele Clonini (Ubisoft Studios Milan), Philip Scott (Lead Evangelist. NVIDIA), A big thank you to all our families and friends that have supported us during the project. Our Continued support from University of Teesside All the Driver Fansites

Publisher: Ubisoft Entertaiment

President and CEOYves Guillemot
Executive Director, Worldwide StudiosChristine Burgess-Quémard
Chief Creative OfficerSerge Hascoët
Editorial Scenarios & Cinematic DirectorAlexis Nolent
Editorial Game Design DirectorLionel Raynaud
Editorial Gameplay DirectorCyril Derouineau
Editorial GameScript DirectorEmmanuel Guardiola
Editorial Artistic DirectorJean-Marc Geffroy
Editorial Talent ManagerCaroline Cantin
Director of Studios OperationsPierre Escaich
Worldwide Projects Coordination DirectorAnne Blondel-Jouin
EMEA Projects CoordinatorNicolas Schoener
Production Coordination Manager (Licences, Bucarest and Barcelona)Grégory Spielmann
Production Coordination Manager(Handhelds)Mathieu Peyronnet
EMEA 1st Parties ManagerRoman Vazeille
Fireteam ManagerLaurent Mascherpa
Process & Methods DirectorMichel Pierfitte

Games Lab

Games Lab ManagerAlexandre Debrousse
Senior Game AnalystFrédéric Duroc
Game AnalystsRafael Morado, Julien Bourbonnais
Editorial Marketing DirectorLaurence Buisson-Nollent
Brand Development ManagerIsabelle Mallet
Marketing Game ManagerAdrian J. Fernandez-Lacey
Marketing CoordinatorSara Hamidzadeh
Technical BoardYann Le Tensorer, Nicolas Rioux, Shen Li, Todd Lewis, Vincent Greco
Worlswide Licensing Director Christian Salomon
Worldwide Licensing ManagerSandrine Mainemare
Worldwide Licensing Marketing ManagerJudit Barta
License CoordinatorFrançois Jaspart
Junior License CoordinatorAnna Sibal
Licensing Director, USPascal J. Bonnet
Senior Licensing Specialist, USGabe Brosbe
Head of Legal AffairsCécile Russeil
Legal CounselsMarie-Anne Boutet, Anne-Sophie Hutin, Sophie Jakubowicz, Julie Jondeau, Stéphanie Maillot, Joshua Meyer, Marc Muraccini, Virginie Gringarten
DMIS team: Protection and MasteringDavid Picco, Thomas Gottie, Catalin Dumitrescu, Philippe Ponce


Worldwide Quality Control DirectorÉric Tremblay
Montreal Quality Control Studio ManagerJonathan Moreau
Montreal Quality Control CoordinatorMarc-Alexandre Plouffe
Hardware Compatibility TechniciansMartial Antoine, Jimi Langlois, David Lévesque
Studio DirectorCarolljo Maher
Project ManagerPascal Faucher
Lead TesterBrian Zalavolgyi
TestersSimon Chabot, Frands Cosgrove, Alexandre Côtè-Malo, Amélie Delaunay, Louis-Simon Desloges, Jakob Faloit, Raphael Gaudreau-Chalifoux, Samuel Gauthier, Jean-Yves Girard, Marcel Kolthof, Graeme Laing, Philippe Laurin, Yann Levert-Cadleux, Sebastien Lortie Vallée, Sandra Malenfant, Mathieu Michaud, Simon Ouellette, Michael Panneton, Alexandre Perras, Kenneth Guldbæk Poulsen, Mauro Sassi, Daniéle Scopinaro, Roland Torenbeek, Jean-Samuel Tremblay, Yanick Vaccaro, Alexandre Zukowsky


Localization ManagerCoralie Martin
Localization Project ManagerLoïc Jacolin
French VersionUbisoft Support Studios
TranslatorXavier Vibert, Christian Jentzsch, Danilo Spatafora, David de la Escalera
Localization TesterXavier Vibert
German VersionUbisoft GmbH
Project ManagementStefan Dinger, Dieter Pfeil, Luca Reynaud
Localisation TestersStefan Dinger, Dieter Pfeil
Italian VersionSynthesis International Srl
Localization Tester Stefano Sacchi
Spanish VersionSynthesis Iberia SL
Project ManagerMauro Bossetti
Localisation TesterHugo Wifredo Serrano Ruíz

Original Console Version

Executive Producer/Studio ManagerGareth Edmondson
General ManagerGiselle Stewart
Production ManagerRobin Wardle
Franchise ConceptMartin Edmondson

Game Design

Desgin ManagerCraig Lawson
Senior DesignerMark Mainey
DesignersSteve Boland, Martin Oliver, Andy Stewart
Additional DesignKevin Williams
Sound EngineerSebastian Thomas


IT ManagerPaul Noble
Systems AdministratorJohn Hurst

Game Programming

Game Programming ManagerGary Ushaw
Associate Technical LeadRussell Lazzari
Animation Technical LeadPete Jones
Reflections Technical LeadChristopher Jenner
Programming TeamCraig Braithwaite, Dave Chambers, John Connors, Andrew Davies, Campbell Hooper, Patrick Lau, Tom Morris, William Musson, Scott Comber, Martin Nicholas, Mark Rowley, Andrew Scott
Additional ProgrammingLee Bining, David Wilson

Core Technology

Core TechnologyAllan Bentham, Jonathan Grant, John McKenna, Simon O'Connor, Steven Robb, Paul Ryland, Allan Walton
Additional ProgrammingJames Hopkin, Philippe Paquet

Tools Development Team

Tools ManagerPeter Young
Technical LeadChris Preston
ProgrammingBob David, Ben Merrick, Richard Munn, Steven Proctor, Jonathan Rivers
Additional ProgrammingJay Ayovuare, Fred Richardson, Stuart Sowerby, Esther Tonks, David Chaplin


QA ManagerGraeme Jennings
Lead testersRichard Todd
TestersMark Brassington, Phil Hornby, Dave Little, Phil Lutas, Peter White, Scott Williams


Script ManagerSteve Boland
Senior ScriptersLee Barber, Ant Erskine
ScriptersSimon Cooper, Christopher Curry, Andrew Howat, Alex Mayer, Dale Scullion, John Shires

Game Art

Promotional & Concept ArtworkDan Oxford, David Oxford
Art ManagerJack Couvela
Technical Lead ArtistAndreas Tawn

City Art

Lead City ArtistsSteven Adams, Andrew Bales, David Oxford, John Roxburgh
Deputy Lead City ArtistsRichard Daglish, Andrew Sharratt, Mark Wilks
City ArtistsMark Adamson, Paul Foster, Gavin Greaves, Dave Hall, Joss Scouler, John Smiley, Christopher Willacy, Martyn Wilson, Mark Wright, Paul Gerrard
City EditorsWilliam Brown, Graham Sergeant
Interior ArtistsPhil Baxter, Dan Oxford
Prop ArtistNicholas Honey
Additional City ArtKally Chow, Tim Flowers

Vehicle Art

Senior Vehicle ArtistsSimon Auchterlonie, Paul Dykes
Vehicle ArtistsCraig Anderson, Paul Maidens

In-game Characters

Manager Mark Akester
Animation Team LeadRobin Armstrong
AnimatorsRafael Nogues, Chris Rubery, Mike Thompson
Modelling Team LeadDavid Cockbum
ModellersMarcus Hardy, Richard Robinson


Associate ProducerChris Dawson
Assistant ProducerMartin Hall
Concept Assistance, Story, Characters and ScriptThe Mustard Corporation


Voice DirectionMaurice Suckling, Robert King
Assistant Voice DirectionMarek Walton
Voice CastingAndy Emery, Robert King, Side UK, Maurice Suckling
Audio Post ProductionKeith Leary Game Audio Ltd
Recording StudiosLA: Technicolor Creative Services London: Side UK
Lead ActorsBrian Bloom (Ray), Rodney Saulsberry (Bishop), David Walsh (TK), Michael Cornacchia (Candy), Nolan North (The Mexican), Claudia Catalina (Maria), Geoff Brown (Slink), Ian Gregory (Corrigan)
Supporting ActorsJames C. Mathis III, Andrea Zafra, Jodi Long, Andrew Kishino, Gonzalo Suarez, Cree Summer, Eugene Byrd, Laurel Lefkow, Tom Clarke-Hill, Dan Russell, Kerry Shale, Lorelei King, John Sharian, Corey Johnson, Eric Meyers, Noah Margetts, Qarie Marshall, Rafael Nogues


Contracts ManagerMark Akester
Ark VFX Ltd.Michael Powell, Stephen Tappin, Andrew Turner, Richard Wright, James Busby, Craig Clark, Matt Clark, Patrick Ward, Tim Brown, Richard Bentley, Paul Clayton, Jane Ackroyd
Motion Capture ActorsNoel Byrne, Tom Tunstall, Mark Wood, David Leverton, Vashti Maclachlan, Susan Mitchell
Motion Capture Shoot DirectorGlyn Williams
Simula Motion Capture StudioPeter McClory, Richard Holleworth

Intro Photographic Sequences

Producer Simon McKeown (
EditingMark Akester
Live action footage supplied byAll Stock, Classic Images, Fish Films‑Footage World, Footage Finders, Producers Library, Third Millennium Films Inc., Thought Equity, Video Tape Library.


Music SupervisorMarc Canham
ComposersMarc Canham, Andy Gannon, Ed Scroggie
ProducerRichard Aitken
Music Recorded atNimrod Studios
Music LicensingNimrod Productions

Music Tracks

"Addicted to speed"Performed by Oakenfold featuring Spitfire. Written By Paul Oakenfold, Ian Green and Anthony Crawford. Perfecto Records Ltd 2005. Produced by Paul Oakenfold, additional production and programming: Ian Green.
"Driver"Performed by Vernon Reid and Lifesavas Written by V.Reid, S.David, M.Irving. Published by Dare to Dream Music, Inc., Pregnant Drumz Music, Lyrics to Go Produced by Vernon Reid and Jumbo the Garbageman Vernon Reid appers courtesy of Favored Nations Entertaiment, Lifesavas appear courtesy of Quannum Projects.
"(Everybody) Reverberate(The Return To New York Mix)"Performed & Written by Arthur Baker Published by Shakin Baker Music BMI/Warner Chapell Music Recorded @ Shakedown Sound/Laptop Mix engineer Mr No Arthur Baker appears courtesy of Harlem Soul Food
"Get Out My Way "Produced by DJ Grandmaster Flash for Adrenaline City Entertaiment. Written by Joseph Saddler Grandmaster Flash Publishing Recorded at The Adrenaline Room, NYC Engineered by Julian Silva and Kris Lewis Mixed by Grandmaster Flash Guitar: Julian Silva, Key boards: Dominic Riclardi and Grandmaster Flash, Dj Cuts and Rubs by Dj Grandmaster Flash and Dj Demo for Adrenaline Vocals: Mr Pitch and Company Contact fro DJ Grandmaster Flash: Ruza Blue by email: [email protected]
"Muscle Cars"(Sander Kleinenberg Pace Car Mix)(MacIness/Pillai) Performed by Mylo Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd 2004 Breastfed Records Ltd under exclusive license to SONY BMG Music Entertaiment UK Limited. Licensed courtesy of SONY BMG Commercial Markets UK 16
"Narcistic fix"Performed by Professor Griff of Public Enemy Written by: Kavon Shah and Khalil Griffin Produced by: Professor Griff and DJ Kaution Publishing: Heirz to the Shah Backround vocals
"Now What You Gon Due"Performed by Chuck D & Professor Griff of Public Enemy, Written by K Shah and C Ridenhour, Additional lyrics Tyra Coles, Publishing: Heirz to the shah Recorded by Earle Holder @ HDQTRZ Digital Studios Stone mountain GA, Recorded by trinity @ public enemy studio in College Park GA
"Pop The Blue"Performed by Suicide Written by Alan Vega/ Martin Reverby © Revega Music Co. Recording used by kind permission of Alan Vega & Martin Rev Mixed by Rich @ Nimrod.
"Rock Til I'm Rol'in"Performed by Audio Bullys. Words & Music by Simon Franks, Tom Dinsdale and Jamie Foxx © 2005 EMI Music Publishing Ltd, WC2H0QY. Licensed courtesy of EMI Records Ltd.
"You Will Pay"Produced by DJ Grandmaster Flash for Adrenaline City Entertainment. Written by Joseph Saddler Grandmaster Flash Publishing Recorded at The Adrenaline Room, NYC Engineered by Julian Silva and Kris Lewis, Mixed by Grandmaster Flash Guitar: Julian Silva Key boards: Dominic Riclardi and Grandmaster Flash Dj Cuts and Rubs by Dj Grandmaster Flash and Dj Demo for Adrenaline Vocals: Mr Pitch and Company, Contact for DJ Grandmaster Flash : Ruza Blue by email : [email protected]
"Bump The Boogie"Performed by The Wrecking Crew Written William C. Brown, Larry Nix, Mack Rice, & Randall Stewart Published by Rondor Music London Ltd on behalf of East Memphis Music Corp & Half & Half Music. Recording used courtesy of Concord Music Group, Inc. From the Album The Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles, Vol. 3
"Bump Meat"Performed by Sir Mack Rice Written Mack Rice Published by Rondor Music London Ltd on behalf of East Memphis Music Corp. Recording used courtesy of Concord Music Group, Inc. From the Album The Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles, Vol. 3
"Bustin' Loose"Performed by Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers. Written by Charles Brown Published by Swing T Publishing, Inc. obo itself, Ascent Music and Nouveau Music Co. . Recording used under license from Logan H. Westbrooks.
"I'll Bet You"FUNKADELIC Jobete Music Ltd Words & Music by George S Clinton Junior, Sidney Alexander Barnes and Theresa Lindsey © 1969, Stone Agate Music. EMI Music Publishing Ltd. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Westbound Records 1970 Westbound Records, licensed from Ace Records Ltd. Taken from the Westbound CD Motor City Madness: The Ultimate Funkadelic Westbound Compilation .
"Loose And Juicy"Performed by The Pazant Brothers & The Beaufort Express Written and produced by Ed Bland Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd, Recording kindly used with the permission of Vanguard Records, A Welk Music Group Company.
"Low Rider"Performed By WAR Written by Allen/Brown/Dickerson/Jordan/Miller/Oskar/Scott/Goldstein Published by Universal Publishing Ltd. Courtesy of Avenue Records.
"Neighborhood Threat"Performed by Iggy Pop Words & Music by David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Ricky Gardner © 1977, EMI Music Publishing Ltd, WC2H 0QY. Licensed courtesy of Virgin Records Ltd.
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"Street Lady" (Mizell)Performed by Donald Byrd Published by Rondor Music London Ltd on behalf of Alruby Music, Inc. Licensed courtesy of EMI Records Ltd.
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"Titos Way"Performed by The Juan Maclean Words & Music by The Juan Maclean and Nancy Whang © 2005, Delabel Music Publishing EMI Music Publishing Ltd, WC2H 0QY Licensed courtesy of EMI Records Ltd.
"Tribulations"Performed by LCD Soundsystem Written by James Murphy, Published by Guy with Head and Arms Music . Licensed courtesy of EMI Records Ltd.
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"Way Out"Performed by London Funk Allstars Written by Jason Carter Published by Just Isn't Music,  Ninja Tune 1996 Licensed courtesy of Ninja Tune
"Cracklin' Bread"DAVE HAMILTON  Rockin' Music The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Ace Records Ltd (P) 1971 Ace Records Ltd, licensed from Ace Records Ltd. Taken from the BGP CD Detroit City Grooves
"I Got Some"BILLY GARNER (Dave Hamilton, John Allen, Chico Jones, Velma Tolbert) Rockin' Music The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Ace Records Ltd 1972 Ace Records Ltd, licensed from Ace Records Ltd. Taken from the BGP CD Super Funk Vol 4 . ISRC#: GBBHN0400035
"Outa‑Space"Performed by Billy Preston Written by Preston/Greene Published by Rondor Music London Ltd on behalf of Irving Music Inc, Courtesy of A&M Records (United States) Licensed by kind permission from the Film & TV licensing division Part of the Universal Music Group
"Trouble Man (Main Theme)" Performed by Marvin Gaye Words & Music by Marvin Gaye © 1972, Jobete Music Co Inc EMI Music Publishing Ltd, WC2H 0QY. © Jobete Music Inc & WB Music Corp By Kind Permission of Warner Chappell Music Limited All rights reserved. Courtesy of Motown Records, Licensed by kind permission from the Film & TV licensing division Part of the Universal Music Group

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Credits for this game were contributed by Virgil (8214)