Driver: San Francisco Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Starting cutscene. Welcome to the uncanny valley
Game's title shown during the cutscene
Tanner drives his trademark Challenger R/T
Some areas of the city are locked until the player advances the story
Nice blend of FMV (top) and in-game graphics (bottom)
You can freely fly around the city and possess any driver in any car
Beginning of a police chase mission
You're a cop and you need to crash the criminal. No matter how many innocent drivers get killed in the process. But you know what they say, some people are just less guilty than the others, eh?
Tanner is in coma
As the game progresses you can ascend higher above the city for faster navigation
Spotted a speed challenge from above.
I just bought a Pontiac car
Ready for a ride
Jumping off a loader
Doing a crazy stunt for the camera
Checkpoint race in a McLaren sports car
We're in the third place and the car is wrecked a bit (which doesn't affect performance)
Director mode
In the beginning of each chapter you see a recap of previous events
San Francisco hills give plenty of room for jumps
Bought one of upgrades in the garage
The criminal is stopped
Destroying some roadside objects
Racing and trying to get away from cops at the same time
As you can possess any driver and control any car on the road, you may use traffic to your advantage when you need to stop or crash another car
The investigation screen gets updated as the story progresses
A helicopter mission
Hauler is not easy to control, but it can withstand a lot of damage
You can ascend the view even higher
There's a map, but once you get the bird's eye view you don't need it
At the seaside
Another criminal is crashed and stopped
Off-road racing
Rally racing in Lancia Stratos
Going at high speed for a jump
Well, this Lamborghini will need some body repairs
In this mission you need to go fast or your truck will explode
Nice crash
Maximum zoom out, unlocked at the later portion of the game
In the port
You need to go under the trailers in this challenge
Oops, this is not going to end well
No matter how hard you try you can't hit a pedestrian
Spectacular car crash
You'll need to put out some fires driving a fire truck
Here's some supernatural stuff
You need to break marked objects in this mission
Stylish credits roll