Driver Credits


Game Concept & DesignMartin Edmondson
Programmers ‑ LeadNathan Whitaker
ProgrammersWayne Coles, Russell Lazzari, Christopher Phillips, Steve Burrows
ArtistsDavid Oxford, Andrew Sharratt, Daniel Oxford, Douglas Kalberg, Steven Adams, Christopher Willacy, Andrew Bales, David Oxford, Aidan Wilson, Jack Couvela, Phil Baxter
3D ArtistsSimon McKeown, Shaun Stephenson, Marcus Hardy, Marcel Simons, Stuart Dobbs
Mission ScriptingAnthony Roberts, Andreas Tawn
Project ManagerGareth Edmondson
Assistant Project ManagerAnthony Roberts
Additional WorkMark Sample, Matthew Gibson, Mark Terry, Guillermo Perez, Perez Laurrauri
Story & Screen PlayMaurice Suckling
In‑game MusicAllister Brimble
Sound EffectsWill Davis
Cut Scene Sound ProductionThe Sound House
Digital Dubbing MixerMike Stewart
Digital Dubbing EditorPhil Wood
English Language Voice RecordingMaverick Media
DirectorSeamus Masterson
Production AssistantSarah Heywood
English Language Voice ActorsBradley Lavelle, Enn Reitel, Kenny Andrews, John Sharian, Johnnie Fiori, Dan Russell, Melanie Nicholson, James Carol Jordan
Voice Recording of German VersionTurbo D3 GmbH
German Language Voice ActorsStephen Schwartz, Alexander Dräger, Marion von Stengel, Tommy Piper, Nicolas König, Rolf Jülich, Oliver Böttcher, Wolf Frass

GT Interactive

ProducerPeter Hawley
Assoc. ProducerTim Mawson
Quality Assurance Lead TesterGermaine Mendes
TestersWilliam Carter, Paul McGinniss, Richard Pareja, Dan McNeil, Tim Wileman, Andrew Azorbo, Al Bailey
Product Development Services ManagerKevin Turner
QA ManagerGraham Axford
Localisation ManagerNeil McKenna
Development DirectorGraeme Boxall
Manual Written byPeter Hawley
Manual CoordinatorMarianne Durand

GT Interactive Germany

Marketing DirectorThomas Jäpel
Product ManagerJochen Quast
Localization ManagerIlja Doert
German TranslationEffective Media

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Tim Wileman, 118 other games
Graeme Boxall, 54 other games
Will Davis, 49 other games
Enn Reitel, 40 other games
Marion von Stengel, 39 other games
Wolf Frass, 38 other games
Kevin Turner, 36 other games
Oliver Böttcher, 35 other games
Graham Axford, 34 other games
Neil McKenna, 31 other games
Bradley Lavelle, 30 other games
Germaine Mendes, 26 other games
Tim Mawson, 25 other games
Nicolas König, 23 other games
Dan Russell, 22 other games
Martin Edmondson, 21 other games
Anthony Roberts, 20 other games
Mark Sample, 19 other games
Peter Hawley, 18 other games
Nathan Whitaker, 17 other games
Maurice Suckling, 17 other games
Andreas Tawn, 15 other games
Russell Lazzari, 14 other games
Phil Baxter, 12 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Jason Whitaker (2), Xoleras (66900) and Kartanym (12828)