Evading CopsContributed by Steve Hall (355) on Nov 08, 2000.

Evading cops is fun, and as the game progresses you'll have to do more and more of it. Here's a few tips.

Weave through traffic, trees, lamposts, anything. No matter how good they are, they will screw up sooner or later.

When in a tunnel or on a freeway, drive on the right hand side between the line of cars and the wall. They can't get to you, and will destroy themselves trying.

Surrounded by cops? If possible, find a strecth of side-walk with indestructable (concrete or iron) posts and sit behind them. They will continuely smash into the posts to get to you, but you'll be safe. When they're all burnt out, you can make an easy escape.

Cops ahead? Get yourself a blocker - tuck behind another car, or better still a van. They'll find it harder to see you, and when they do they'll hit your blocker, not you. As soon as they hit, get out of there fast, and keep them behind you.

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