Drug Wars Credits (Windows)

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Drug Wars Credits

Paleo Staff

Managing DirectorTroy Latimer
CEOTroy Latimer
Executive ProducerDave Mahoney
Lead Game DesignerJohn Stookey
Technical DirectorChris Morse
Art DirectorJustin Ma
Animation DirectorYoung Jeon
Audio DirectorRobert Atesalp
Music CompositionRobert Atesalp
Lead Level DesignerTrystan Snodgrass
Gameplay ProgrammerKellen Rising
AnimatorChristopher Silva
ModelerStephen Kick

Art Studios

Art StudiosBlackBow Studios, Liquid Development

Special Thanks

Special ThanksCryTek, ScaleForm, Dejan Pavlovski, Hanno Hagedorn, Mathieu Pinard, Sascha Gundlach

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