Written by  :  Terrence Bosky (5472)
Written on  :  Feb 07, 2001
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This isn't Dune

The Good

Fair graphics, storyline. Good fmv's. Cool sandworms.

The Bad

Okay, this is an update to Dune 2, a game I never played. Having said that, this game is a huge disappointment. While this game is set in the Dune universe, it incorporates almost no Dune elements. Instead, it plays like C&C on Arrakis. It's a tank rush game, that's it.

Instead of tiderium, or turbonium, you harvest spice. Then you use, I don't know, spice bucks? to purchase buildings, train troops, build tanks. Most of the main Dune players are here, House Harkonnen, House Atredes, and the Imperials. Oh, there is also House Ordos. Don't remember them from the book/movie? Don't worry, they aren't there. The Fremen are present though. They are cute little brown sprites that have the ability to cloak. They can't ride worms or anything though.

How does the battle work? Well eventually you will have enough troops or the enemy will and one of you will attack the other. Here's how it goes... everytime. Bikes and buggies are the fastest so they show up first. They either cripple base defenses or get pulverized. Okay, one that wave is over, next come the tanks. If there is enough of them, then game over. If not, then after they flee or are wiped out the ground troops move in. They are largely insignificant. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

The Bottom Line

This is basically a Dune mod for Command and Conquer, or DuneLite. There is no diplomacy, intrigue, Bene Gesserite influence, or Weirding Way.