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Dungeon Keeper 2 (Windows)

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Written by  :  MadCat (55)
Written on  :  Aug 04, 2000
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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More Chicken Slappin' Goodness

The Good

The Missions are extremely well varied...No more wipe off every single enemy on the map every level anymore...now there are infiltrations, blockades, assaults you name it...

The first person mode has been very much improved in this game...the controls are good. From the fly's multi-faceted eyes, to the slit in the helmet in a black knight, DKIII never lets off any detail. You can have groups!!!, although grouping is kinda tedious...

The new units are more balanced than the old ones...no more flooding your opponents w/ hell hounds and demon spawns...There is also much more unit variety...and each of them are required to maintain the dungeon (w/ the exception of the goblin...)...and the bile demon is back!!!

The cutscenes are hilarious...

Chicken slapping!!!...call the animal rights foundation if you want...but chicken slapping is an essential part to good DK gaming...

Dark mistress...mmmm...Scantily dressed women w/ whips...mmmm...slurp...

The Bad

The multiplayer aspect of the game leaves much to be desired...but its the single player game + my pet dungeon should last you quite a long time...

Maybe the dark mistress should wear even less...hehehe :-)

The Bottom Line

DKII stands out as one of the best RTS every made...much better than the sea of C&C clones out there...remember, its good to be evil...