Written by  :  Jim Newland (56)
Written on  :  Jul 02, 2001

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Fun for awhile, but not the game it purports to be

The Good

Excellent graphics, animations, sound, acting. Gameplay is fun for awhile, but gets repetitive. The ability to "possess" any of your creatures and run around in their bodies FPS-style is by far the best aspect of the game.

The Bad

Doesn't seem true at all to the original premise, which was for DK to be sort of an anti-D&D game. It was supposed to be dungeon-crawling from the point of view of the dungeon, but it comes off more like C&C, or any other your-army-against-mine RTS game. For me, it's totally lacking in the kind of atmosphere usually associated with Tolkienesque dungeon-crawling. Instead, you've got the devil (in the main character, Horny) and various lesser manifestations of evil inhabiting a hell-like world of fire and brimstone--almost a "builder" version of Diablo. It just doesn't jibe with my expectations of what the game should be.

The Bottom Line

A cross between Diablo and C&C. If you've always wanted to pit an army of nether-dwellers against an army of goody-goodies (though the actual differences between them are less than dramatic in practice), here's your chance.