Dungeon Keeper 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Bullfrog developers Dungeon Keeper 2 logo.
Main Menu
Introduction - Scared dwarf
Introduction - Horny
Loading screen
The first mission
Introduction - A good mage closing the door to the outside world. Horny won't be pleased...
Money... It's what I want... Ooo-ooo...
Will someone please clear up all that gold!
Hey, George - I'll have 5 coins on Red Number 6...
Eeek! Demons!
Imps excavating a new room area, and grabbing some gold.
Stone bridges are required for a permanent crossing across lava.
A Warlock entering your dungeon through the portal.
A Warlock researching in the Library.
Your minions help generate mana by praying at the Temple.
A Bile Demon using two chickens as nun-chucks.
Two Vampires face off in the Combat Pit.
Mission briefing
The chaos of battle
Mission introduction
Attacking enemy defenses.
In-between mission cutscene, these can be viewed later from the menu.
In first-person mode after possessing a creature, hacking at an enemy.
Up close and personal with the enemy
Destroying an enemy dungeon heart.