Advertising Blurbs

CD-ROM Back Cover:
    Revel in evil as the Dungeon Keeper, with an army of monsters at your command. Subject a score of peace-loving realms to a reign of terror.

    - Expand a host of highly detailed dungeons into an empire of evil.

    - Beautifully rendered using mulitple light sources for added atmosphere

    - Two ways to play: Expand your lair using the rotatable and zoomable isometric view or control any monster and wander the dungeon in 1st person perspective.

    - Set traps and train your creatures to thwart intruding heroes.

    - Use the Hand of Evil to keeping misbehaving minions in line.

    - Imprison and torture various breeds of hapless hero.

    (from the collector's edition PC CD-ROM case, not the cardboard box edition)

    Contributed by Pwa (374) on May 14, 2003.

Unknown Source:
    Create the Foulest, Most loathed slime pit in the kingdom and establish yourself as a master of evil once and for all.

    Evil is Good.

    Contributed by Andrew Grasmeder (229) on Aug 02, 2000.