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Windows version

Title screen (Russian version)
Intro. The good wizard has an inexplicable taste for purple
Let's create a lizardman... err, sorry, a ZAUR, of course. No offense. That wasn't racist at all, hehe...
Starting location. I've created an exotic character this time - a Wylvan
The second intro is presented with such still images
Standing deep in sewer water. My tail is wet. An interestingly shaped torch is ahead
I discovered a small goblin outpost in the forest. Battle ensues!
Trying to unlock a chest
Fighting a fearsome troll ogre in an abandoned theater
Welcome to the city of Fargrove! It's a large town with all sorts of quests - it will take a while till you get out of here!
Nice church! Now stop worshiping those stars of yours and embrace the true God!
Lots of stuff to sell to this lonely female apothecary
Ambushed by a maniacal energy ball-hurling ghostly wizard in someone's house
The Order of Dragon. Complete quests for them and you'll be able to join
Your inventory can get really full with time. Check out those cool weapons and equipment!..
A heated battle against teleporting wizards near a mysterious stone structure
Talking to Celestine. The amount of conversation topics is sometimes extremely large
Classic scene: fighting skeletons in a graveyard!
Why you... you... HEADLESS BRUTE!!..
The beautiful city of Arindale. Great weather, exotic architecture, a bridge going up into the sky... this is just the right vacation for people with tails
The Arindale Inn is splendidly decorated
This is one of the most beautiful weapon shops I've seen in a game - on par with those of Betrayal at Antara
Melancholic, beautiful view with full moon, I'm swimming deep into the lake, clad in platinum armor, alone with my thoughts...
No forest path is safe. You never know when such strange, but impressive creatures are going to surprise you
A reasonably well-trained male human character, mid-game. To the left are base attributes; to the right are proficiencies and skills
Found a strange tower with an altar. Opening the quick-button belt, trying to charge my staff
A settlement of Thralls. You can actually make your protagonist a Thrall. I haven't - that's another animal
Just climbed to the top floor of this little house. Unleashing my wrath on a barrel. Barrels and crates can be smashed and often yield essential items. Note the blood on my blade...
I'm now deep into magic, dude. Check out all this variety. It's a good thing I found this hippie wizard living alone on top of a red tower
Goblin wizards won't leave you alone for a large chunk of the game
Look, I just wanted to swim naked. I like the water, ya know. I'm weird that way
It's "Nypherus". Learn to spell, and go easy on those sibilants before you hit innocent animals in water... bitch
Oh, man! I just got this new shiny armor. And here I am, betrayed by some feudal lord in a castle. Racism, that's what it is
My elf heroine is going on an underwater adventure! Fish attack from all sides! I suddenly crave for smoked salmon
Flying female, scantily clad enemy late in the game. I hope my shiny armor will provide sufficient protection
My eyes are RIGHT HERE! Yes, yes, you can create female protagonists and undress them down to underwear. Happy now?..
Nice big red angry Voraatus!..
Got some new gear. Now I'm fighting Minotaurs in yet another temple. This game is very dungeon-heavy... and very hard to put down
Oh, excuse me... Am I... interrupting something? A... uhh... private moment? Go ahead, guys, don't mind me, hehe... I see you are no strangers to... err... Communism, right?
A big boss battle late in the game. Yup. My protagonist looks like a Greek heroine with that long golden spear, round golden shield... but no pants