Dungeon Runners Credits (Windows)

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Dungeon Runners Credits


Sugar DaddyRobert Garriott
ProducerStephen Nichols
Associate ProducersApril Burba, Andrew Wagner, Tommy Lieberman
Web 2.0 WidgeteerDallas Snell
Community ManagerAndrea Vinyard
Lead DesignerMark Tucker
DesignersB. Cotton, Jamie Gibbs, Joel White, Keith Quinn, Nathan Emmott, Rebekah Tran
Additional DesignJanus Anderson, Stephen Nichols, Tommy Lieberman
Technical ArtistJames Cleaveland
Art Production ManagerJon Jones
Artist and AnimatorIan Weyna
Lead ProgrammersScott Stevens, Stephen Nichols
ProgrammersChristopher Cowden (Chris Cowden), Guthrie Adams, Kamil Konecko, Matthew Weigel, Sean Dunn
Audio Director / ComposerTracy W. Bush
Senior Sound EngineersJeremy Robins, Pedro Seminario
Additional Sound DesignAndrew Brock
Additional MusicPedro Seminario
MarketingAlbert Kanan, Greg Bauman
Dungeon Runners QA Testers, QA LeadStefan Trefil
Dungeon Runners QA Testers, Senior TesterBob Green, Philip Wood
Dungeon Runners QA TestersCasey Carpenter, Carey Williams, Kari Bowen
Quality Assurance Management, Director of Quality AssuranceMichael Craighead
Quality Assurance Management, QA SupervisorDan Campbell
QA Lead TestersChris Hager, Matthew Pantaleoni, Tad Pantaleoni, Cody Russell
QA Senior TestersJason Barnes, Jeff Daily, Michael Dupler, Marissa McWaters, Stefan Ramirez, Michael Wilhm
Additional TestersDevin Dixon, Ben Furtado, Joe Gill, Aaron Grimaudo, Aaron Hunter, David Ignacio, Tomoko Iwata, Patrick Johnson, Alden Loredo, Cameron Strahan
Hardware Compatibility Lab Testers, QA LeadSteven Tonkin
Hardware Compatibility Lab Testers, Senior TesterJoe Riley
Hardware Compatibility Lab TestersAlden Loredo, Michael O'Keefe, David O'Preska
PlayNC Testers, PlayNC LeadTim Johnson
PlayNC Testers, Senior TesterEric Arnold, Bryan Cook, Michael McDonnell

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Credits for this game were contributed by Matthew Weigel (24)