Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach Ad Blurbs (Windows)

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Advertising Blurbs

Box, Inner Fold-Out Flaps - Windows (USA):

    UNDERNEATH Stormreach
    fools will DIE and
    HEROES will be born

    "The MMO that changes everything!" - PC Gamer
    • Square off against all manner of deadly enemies both familiar and never seen before.
    • Undertake exciting D&D quests that focus on adventure, not grind.
    "looks like the real deal" - Yahoo Games

    "great for beginners, veterans, loners, and groups alike" - GameSpot

    "feels like a breath of fresh air for the MMO genre" - GameSpy
    • Quest with friends - dungeon dwellers are unforgiving and respite is rare.
    • Advance your character through brawn, cunning, or wits.
    • Smite enemies using Active Combat where skill matters and seconds count.

    Contributed by Darius Kazemi (11) on May 20, 2007.

Box, Outer Fold-Out Flaps - Windows (USA):
    STORMREACH: Gateway to Adventure

    Intrigue and adventure await you within the formidable city walls and beyond. Built on an ancient giant civilization, Stormreach is rife with treasure... and danger. Team up with other adventurers and instantly teleport into hundreds of unique D&D adventures for the experience of your life.

    Contributed by Darius Kazemi (11) on May 20, 2007.

Back of Box - Windows (USA):

    Real combat. Real danger. Real D&D.

    For over 30 years Dungeons & Dragons (R) has been the legendary benchmark for all roleplaying games. Now you can experience the first online 3D virtual world faithful to classic D&D. This is no ordinary MMO - you will have to rely on your battle-tested combat skills, your wits, your cunning and a talented party to survive where many others have failed.
    • Create a unique hero from nine classes, five races and millions of combinations of skills, feats and enhancements.
    • Coordinate tactics and strategies with your party using integrated voice chat.
    • Face unforgiving danger in private dungeons with fiendish traps and foes that punish the foolish.
    • Control every swing, block, and tumble in pulse-pounding real-time battles.

    • Contributed by Darius Kazemi (11) on May 20, 2007.