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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 2.3
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.7
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Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.7
Overall User Score (3 votes) 2.7

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Worth Playing (Mar 21, 2011)
There are a few flaws that drag down the experience, and most of them center on issues with the UI, but even combined these nuances never amount to anything more than small head-scratchers and annoyances. The rest of Dungeons is a surprisingly solid dungeon builder that eclipses previous games in the genre. This is due in no small part to the soul energy mechanic; you want heroes to come into your dungeon and slay your staff, only so you can slay them to claim their buoyant soul and twist it to your own ends. It has been a long time since the genre has seen a new entry, and the wait has been worth it. Dungeons is one of the new kings of the genre, and it's incredibly difficult to put down.
Game Watcher (Feb 02, 2011)
On numerous occasions, we encountered bugs that broke the immersion, and even a couple of instances for which we had to kill the game's process and restart the entire thing. Cutscenes not loading properly; strange problems with the shadowing effects; Character models going through walls and the like. Dungeons is not a pretty game, but then again, you are in the depths of evil. Don't let any of this put you off though, as you'll be seriously missing out on something special. Dungeons is not what we were expecting, and that's completely fine with us. With clever and enjoyable gameplay that turns the tower defense genre on its head, this one is a real keeper.
Game Revolution (Mar 10, 2011)
Dungeons' biggest problem is really the up-front investment it requires. There's a distinct learning curve for the game, even if you're an old-had at the Dungeon Keeper genre, as it went for a different collection of gameplay emphasis. Coincidentally, it may take a few hours of play time before you start feeling the fun. This is a very real problem, and I see no way to sugarcoat it; all the same, I found the game very enjoyable once I grokked the style and started digging into the game's merits, rather than lamenting that I hadn't just loaded up Evil Genius again. Give it a play. It's worth your time.
Hooked Gamers (Feb 02, 2011)
Despite some flaws and the lack of quality gameplay outside the campaign, Dungeons’ simulation core, story, humor, and role-playing elements make it quite unique. I think. It could be exactly the same as Dungeon Keeper, its supposed spiritual predecessor. Either way, I don’t really care. This game is fun.
GamingXP (Jan 21, 2011)
Eines muss man ganz klar sagen, trotz einiger Parallelen, kann und darf man „DUNGEONS“ nicht als „Dungeon Keeper III“ betrachten. Dadurch, dass mehr Wert auf die Helden, als auf die eigenen Monster gelegt wird, bietet sich ein vollkommen anderes Spielgefühl. Sicherlich bleibt die Umgebung eine ähnliche, aber für einen Vergleich reichen die paar Ähnlichkeiten einfach nicht aus. Auf der einen Seite bin ich, als großer „Dungeon Keeper“ Fan, natürlich nicht davon begeistert, dass wir hier keine Fortsetzung mit Horny und Co. erleben dürfen, aber als leidenschaftlicher Zocker bin ich auch froh darüber, dass dieses Spiel so gut geworden ist, trotz oder vielleicht sogar wegen einer anderen Spielidee.
Multiplayer.it (Feb 10, 2011)
Dungeons è un gioco interessante che merita una possibilità. Se vi lasciate catturare dalle sue spire, ci giocherete a lungo, viste le possibilità che offre. Peccato che manchi parecchio nelle rifiniture e che tecnicamente non spicchi in nessun aspetto. Con una direzione artistica più oculata, ne sarebbe venuto fuori un capolavoro assoluto.
GamePro (US) (Feb 14, 2011)
Dungeons has enough humor and variety to overcome its shortcomings, and the campaign throws enough curve balls at the player to make up for its strategic shallowness. It could have better pacing and a little more variety, but as it is, Dungeons is a very witty, very enjoyable surprise. My needs are satisfied, and I don't feel like heading for the exit just yet.
Gamers.at (Jan 27, 2011)
Mit Dungeons stellt mich Realmforge vor ein ähnliches Problem, wie ich es schon mit ihrem M.U.D. TV hatte. Ich mag Konzept und Idee sehr, die technische und spielerische Umsetzung ist solide und ich hatte meinen Spaß. Mir ist es auch recht, dass sich die Entwickler eher auf weniger Features konzentrieren, diese dafür ordentlich umsetzen. Trotzdem: Sehr schnell macht sich das Gefühl breit, dass sich das Gameplay ständig wiederholt, vor allem wenn man in Mission x zum x-ten Mal sein gut getestetes Standard-Dungeon aufzieht, das zwar immer wieder funktioniert, aber reichlich wenig in Sachen Abwechslung liefert. Man bemüht sich zwar im Missionsdesign um Variation, aber viel wichtiger wären mehr Gameplay-Elemente oder ein Editor gewesen. Vor allem die Entscheidung gegen einen Multiplayer-Modus ist mehr als bedauerlich. Unterm Strich bleibt Dungeons aber ein gutes Spiel, das einen leider nicht so lange packen kann, wie man es vielleicht (auch selbst) gewollt hätte.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jan 28, 2011)
Dungeons bouwt sterk op de klassieke Dungeon Keeper-formule, maar durft hier en daar ook te vernieuwen. Een heel leuke game voor de DK-veteranen zonder evenwel het klassieke niveau te halen.
Ten Ton Hammer (Apr 13, 2011)
While Dungeons is a unique take on being an evil mastermind, it’s not without flaws. However, the charm of the gameplay and tormenting of souls keeps you wanting more. The appeal might fall with time, but if you enjoy the first hour, you’ll enjoy the next thirty easily.
PC Gamer (Feb 07, 2011)
Dungeons is a fun successor to the Dungeon Keeper legacy. It’s similar enough to recapture the old spark, with enough of its own ideas that you won’t feel like a traitor for playing it. It’s not exactly the Dungeon Keeper 3 we wanted, but it is the only one we’re likely to get.
Vandal Online (Aug 11, 2011)
Realmforge ha realizado un buen trabajo con Dungeons, ofreciéndonos un producto con un atractivo precio de salida (10 euros), mucho sentido del humor y con una jugabilidad muy interesante y que aporta algo de frescura al panorama actual. Por desgracia, la inexplicable falta de un modo multijugador y la cierta monotonía en la que acaba cayendo el desarrollo del juego, lastran una obra que podría haber llegado mucho más lejos y que se queda a medio camino, pero que de buen seguro, divertirá a quienes busquen algo diferente y quieran sacar su lado más oscuro.
Girl Gamers UK (Feb 14, 2011)
Dungeons has a certain dark humour about it which works really well with the setting, and has quite a few missions to keep the player busy, along with a sandbox mode for the player to create their perfect dungeon. Although it has a lot of similarities with the classic Dungeon Keeper, the game goes in a different direction and offers a new experience. It is not perfect, but that doesn’t stop Dungeons from being damn good fun. Let your twisted side have some fun and teach those self-righteous heroes a lesson or two.
Meristation (Feb 04, 2011)
Con todo, Dungeons no debe tomarse como ese Dungeon Keeper III que nuncá llegó; el nuevo título de Realmforge Studios tiene su propia personalidad, mecánicas y jugabilidad, pero tampoco se pueden negar ciertas similitudes con la mítica saga. Sea tomado como remake o no, Dungeons es divertido, sin duda. Al menos tendremos esa sensación durante las primeras horas de juego; la parte negativa es que a partir de cierto momento, el título se vuelve demasiado repetitivo. La ausencia de un modo multijugador o un editor lastra la longevidad del título, que gustará a los amantes del género, pero quizás quedará demasiado alejado de las pretensiones de los jugadores no iniciados en dicha temática. Dungeons es un buen exponente de la integración de la estrategia, del tower defense e incluso de RPG, aunque podría haber llegado mucho más lejos.
VicioJuegos.com (Aug 11, 2011)
En definitiva, Dungeons: Ser el malo es más divertido no se va a convertir en la revelación de la temporada de verano, pero sí ofrece un montón de horas de diversión por un precio ridículo, sólo 9,95 euros. No será el mejor de la historia, pero que sabe divertir, sorprender y entretener sin destacar gráficamente y por un precio insignificante. Lástima que no ofrezca la posibilidad del juego online.
Gameswelt (Feb 17, 2011)
Lang, lang ist es her, dass ich meinen Spaß an Dungeon Keeper 2 hatte. Dungeons ist ein unterhaltsamer Dungeon-Keeper-Klon, der trotz einiger Abstriche Spaß macht. Es ist zwar in einigen Belangen schwächer als die Vorlage, weckt jedoch das gleiche spezielle „Nur-noch-eben-eine-Mission“-Gefühl. Nur noch eben einen weiteren Tunnel graben, nur noch eben einen neuen Helden aussaugen. Ehe man sich versieht, sind unterhaltsame Stunden vergangen, wobei vor allem der knackige Schwierigkeitsgrad eine nette Herausforderung darstellt. Mängel sind jedoch da und nicht zu übersehen. Die Grafik ist nicht auf der Höhe der Zeit und zahlreiche Spielelemente hätten optimaler umgesetzt sein können. Dazu ist es unverständlich, dass der Titel keinen Mehrspieler bietet. Gerade über Steam hätte das durchaus unterhaltsam sein können. Insgesamt ist es für Neulinge ein sehenswertes, ungewöhnliches Aufbauspiel und für Horny-Fans eine akzeptable Vertröstung auf einen wohl niemals kommenden dritten Teil.
GameFocus (Feb 23, 2011)
Ultimately, your love of micromanagement will dictate how much you enjoy Dungoens. It never quite reaches the pinnacle’s set by the Dungeon Keeper franchise, but it is a decent first effort at exposing the concept to a new generation of gamers. Although, to get the most out of it, patience will be key. Getting over-burdened happens quite quickly and that will turn off a lot of players. But if you have a hankering for some classic evil dungeon master gameplay with a nifty new twist, Dungeons will satiate your hunger.
Game Informer Magazine (Feb 11, 2011)
The wide breadth of missions, optional objectives, and challenges doesn't fix my problems with the core gameplay, but it does mean that players who dig the design (or who aren't as put off by its schizophrenic nature) have a lot of game to explore. Dungeons may not be for everyone, but it will more than satisfy the needs of anyone who takes a shine to it. Better yet, it probably won't imprison you and drain your life energy afterward.
Gamers Daily News (Feb 10, 2011)
Dungeons is a fairly good game that will appeal to a specific crowd. With very little in the way of twitch-reflex action, it is a cerebral game that tries to win you over with humor and a clear affection for Dungeon Keeper. If the idea of ’Diablo meets dungeon-construction sim combined with tower defense elements’ sounds fun to you, rest assured this game is a decent take on that idea.
Jeuxvideo.com (Feb 14, 2011)
Dungeons est une agréable variante de l'illustre Dungeon Keeper, qui parvient à s'éloigner suffisamment de son modèle pour présenter un réel intérêt. Quel plaisir que d'attirer, de séduire et d'engraisser ces aventuriers naïfs en quête de richesses et de renommée, avant de leur faire comprendre le funeste sort que vous leur avez réservé ! Ce titre souffre pourtant de quelques défauts, à commencer par l'équilibrage hasardeux des différentes facettes de son gameplay, à la croisée d'un jeu de gestion et d'un hack'n slash : certains éléments paraissent trop poussés quand d'autres ne sont qu'effleurés. Bien que le rythme des parties souffre un peu de cet écueil, Dungeons reste agréable à jouer, particulièrement stratégique et surtout très drôle.
Nxt Gamer (Feb 02, 2011)
Overall, Dungeons is a game that will either instantly grab your attention or leave you uninterested from the word go. It’s something of a lazy resolution, but it is apt- if you have been reading this review and thinking that Dungeons would be worth your time and money, it probably is. But if you’ve been thinking it might, vaguely, somehow interest you, it probably isn’t worth the price tag.
GameStar (Germany) (Jan 27, 2011)
Dungeons ist ein Spiel mit Anti-Motivation: Je weiter man kommt, desto mehr verdirbt es einem die Lust. Och nö, schon wieder Räume nach dem gleichen Stiefel befüllen! Och nö, schon wieder ewig auf die trägen Goblins, die schnarchigen Helden warten! Och nö, schon wieder zehnmal die gleiche Aufgabe wiederholen, um kurz vor Schluss zu scheitern! Es ist eine über weite Strecken spaßlose Quälerei, ein ständiges Pendeln zwischen Überforderung und Langeweile. Am Schluss musste ich mich zum Weitermachen zwingen. Statt einer originellen Neuinterpretation des Klassikers Dungeon Keeper ist Dungeons ein Beispiel für zerbrochene Spielmechanik.
PCActu (Feb 25, 2011)
Les vétérans souhaitant se replonger dans l'univers de Dungeon Keeper seront aux anges avec ce soft. En effet, les mécanismes de ce titre conçu par un certain Peter Molyneux sont implantés correctement à Dungeons, même si on aurait aimé disposer d'une aventure un peu plus complète et fouillée. A noter aussi un humour omniprésent gavé de clins d'œil aux amateurs des jeux de rôle et un mélange des genres bien huilé (hack'n slash, gestion, stratégie en temps réel et tower defense). Néanmoins, on déplore l'absence d'un mode multi et l'abus d'effets lumineux. Un titre que l'on vous conseille d'essayer (démonstration disponible sur Steam) puisqu'il est vendu au prix fort de 50 euros.
GameTrailers (Feb 16, 2011)
It may not be the second coming of Dungeon Keeper, but Dungeons isn't really a bad game. It's just a little hard to recommend at full price given its rough edges. A patch here and a price-drop there will go a long way toward sprucing up its not-entirely-welcoming halls.
Game Over Online (Feb 15, 2011)
If I had to pick a single word from the roughly 1000 that I have written above, it would have to be disappointed. I was completely primed for Dungeon Keeper, and what I got instead was kind of Diablo meets Rollercoaster Tycoon. Not good. Worse than not good. Now I have to see if it is possible to make Dungeon Keeper run in Windows XP.
IGN (Feb 25, 2011)
Dungeons is a fun but deceptively shallow Sim-RPG-thing that would have benefitted from pushing the envelope for either genre a little more. The creativity of its premise is never fully fleshed out but offers moments of genuinely unique fun. Although the missing multiplayer is a sore loss, the single player campaign still offers a pretty satisfying experience. If you like management-style games, Dungeons is well worth a look.
PC Games (Germany) (Feb 01, 2011)
Die Grundidee von Dungeons gefällt mir ja, aber die Umsetzung lässt zu wünschen übrig. Das Dekorieren des Dungeons nervt eher, als dass es Spaß macht. Je besser man die Spielabläufe verstanden hat, desto weniger muss man selbst machen, denn dann arbeitet Dungeons streckenweise alleine für Sie. Dazu kommen etliche Bugs, die zwar angeblich zum Release nicht mehr bestehen sollen, doch ob Realmforge Studios dieses Versprechen hält, wissen wir natürlich nicht. Immerhin punktet Dungeons in Sachen Mis­sionsdesign, auch wenn das Spiel das Rad nicht neu erfindet. Und auch der Humor passt gut zum quietschbunten Treiben, selbst wenn er stellenweise ein wenig zu aufgesetzt wirkt. Alles in allem bleibt ein nettes Strategiespiel, das im Grunde Spaß macht, aber an zu vielen nervigen Kleinigkeiten scheitert.
Spazio Games (Jul 09, 2011)
Bisogna dare atto a Kalypso Media e Realmforge quantomeno di averci provato. La loro operazione infatti non punta a sfruttare biecamente un brand storico come Dungeon Keeper, ma anzi a rinnovarlo con idee proprie in alcuni casi anche brillanti, creando quasi il prototipo di un nuovo genere di videogiochi. Il problema di questo Dungeons però, e di conseguenza dell'intera operazione che lo sostiene, è la mancanza di rifinitura del prodotto, che può come detto contare su buone idee, ma non su una ottimizzazione generale necessaria a titoli di questo genere. L'inutilità delle creature evocate, la gestione non perfetta dei tempi ludici all'interno del livello, una scialba caratterizzazione degli elementi architettonici e un'interfaccia troppo caotica ne fanno un titolo dalle buone potenzialità che regalerà in ogni caso momenti divertenti e soddisfacenti, ma che lascerà a molti l'amaro in bocca per l'ottima occasione sprecata.
411mania.com (Feb 24, 2011)
This game is very average. Visuals and Sound are great, game play is lacking. You couldn’t ask for a more average game. Hopefully after a few patches, this game turns it around because I really don’t want to give up on it yet. There are some things you can’t fix like repetition and missing that feeling of playing a great game but they can fix the detection system as well as maybe add some more items to the game.
GamingExcellence (Mar 10, 2011)
This game is a serious mixed bag. Great graphics and an interesting concept, but the execution was sloppy at times, cumbersome and just plain frustrating. With familiarity with the game and serious dedication to replaying levels over and over, it becomes much more manageable to play and even more enjoyable as you get used to the controls and memorize the challenges that are going to be thrown at you for each stage. It is not, unfortunately a casual game that can be picked up and just played whenever you feel like it; you are likely to get frustrated at trying to juggle all the things a Dungeon Lord needs to do to rule his realm. Some days, running the show just sucks.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Feb 16, 2011)
Dungeons is disappointing, but not necessarily boring. Dungeon Keeper's compelling core of carving a great, ominous complex out of rock and dirt is still partially intact, and Dungeons' vicious difficulty does at least add a perpetual tension to the game (as do a selection of game-ending bugs). It's simply hard to imagine anybody getting excited about Dungeons. I suspect this game missed its chance to be an underground hit in more ways than one.
BlogCritics Magazine (Apr 05, 2011)
Dungeons isn’t a terrible game, it is just one that isn’t sure what to do. The dungeon simulation is very vanilla with little actual control in your hands and there are far too many steps to get everything in motion. The combat is basic but workable and never seems like a chore, except for the constant running around you need to do. There are many scenario specific challenges and once you get into the swing of things it is kind of nice to see your dungeon alive with activity. It is just a shame that Dungeons doesn’t deliver a more cohesive experience which could have made it surpass the great Dungeon Keeper.
Gamer.nl (Mar 07, 2011)
Ondanks de grote hoeveelheid micromanagement valt op dat Dungeons zelden veel variatie biedt. Er zijn slechts een aantal manieren om de kerker in te richten en dat betekent dat herhaling van speelstijl op de loer ligt. Na een handvol levels is het spelconcept vrijwel uitgelegd en gaat de moeilijkheidsgraad flink omhoog, vaak door een verlies in overzicht. Toch is Dungeons een verfrissende strategietitel, die dankzij de lichtelijk komische kwaadaardige fantasysetting weet te vermaken.
Bit-Tech (Feb 08, 2011)
There’s fun to be had in torturing and beating up good guys, but it often feels too much like pulling your own teeth to be worth the effort.
Mana Pool (Feb 10, 2011)
In case you couldn’t tell by now – and it truly pains me to say it, because I had such high hopes for Dungeons – but in its current state it really does fall short of the mark. The lack of building options, lack of multiplayer, lack of instruction on what to do… overall it’s, well, lacking. There is absolutely great potential here though, and I hope Realmforge take the opportunity to make a few changes that would really change Dungeons for the better. With a less steep learning curve and a few more options for expanding your dungeon, as well as smarter monster AI and the ability to expand your area of influence in a way other than putting your monsters out of heroes way and this could be a fantastic game. As it stands… not so much. If you do decide to play, my advice – even if it goes against every one of your keen gamer instincts – do yourself a favour and kick the difficulty down to easy.
Gamers' Temple, The (May 16, 2011)
Dungeon Keeper started with a good idea, but then it backed up that idea with some enjoyable gameplay. Dungeons takes that same idea, but misses on just about every point of execution. It's certainly time that gamers had another dungeon master type of game to play, but they'll just have to keep waiting for a good one.
Gry OnLine (Jul 15, 2011)
Od czasów drugiego Dungeon Keepera próżno szukać produkcji, która równie udanie pokazywałaby, że fajnie jest być złym, serwując przy okazji końską dawkę zwariowanego, a często wręcz absurdalnego humoru. Spore nadzieje pokładano w Dungeons – grze pełnej nawiązań do klasyki, mającej osiągnąć sukces dzięki oryginalnej tematyce i zastosowaniu wielu niebanalnych rozwiązań, gwarantujących ciekawą i zróżnicowaną rozgrywkę. Efekt końcowy na kolana, niestety, nie powala, a uczeń nie tylko nie przerósł mistrza, ale nawet nie zdołał nawiązać z nim jakiejkolwiek sensownej rywalizacji.
4Players.de (Feb 08, 2011)
So ein schöner Name, so ein schlechtes Spiel. Komisch, denn ich mag das Konzept, ich liebe Kerker und würde gerne die ganze Nacht lang fiese Katakomben bauen - so wie damals in Dungeon Keeper. Aber mit diesem wertvollen Klassiker hat dieser inkonsequente Aufguss nur auf den ersten Blick etwas zu tun. Ja, das Grundgerüst ist solide, die Lokalisierung gelungen und die Steuerung schnell verinnerlicht. Manchmal blitzt sogar so etwas wie sarkastische Stimmung auf, wenn ein Held etwas von sich gibt! Aber für satte 40 Euro wird man hier nicht nur auf potenten Rechnern in die Grafikvergangenheit gebombt, von den primitiven Soundeffekten, dem kitschigen Artdesign und den steifen Animationen ganz zu schweigen. Man muss auch noch ein unausgegorenes Spieldesign zwischen Action-Rollenspiel mit nervigem Zeitlimit und viel zu schwachbrüstiger, in keiner Weise fordernder Aufbaustrategie ertragen.
Gamekult (Feb 16, 2011)
Alors que la licence Dungeon Keeper n'a pas donné signe de vie depuis un moment, les studios Realmforge s'engouffrent dans la brèche avec Dungeons. S'il est toujours aussi agréable d'incarner un méchant maître de donjon et d'aménager ses sombres souterrains comme on le désire, le gameplay trop peu étoffé montre vite ses limites malgré les quelques notes de hack and slash apportant un peu plus d'action. Ajoutons à cela une réalisation correcte mais sans plus, et l'on obtient un jeu certes assez sympathique, mais sans envergure. Il va donc falloir attendre avant de trouver un héritier à la série Dungeon Keeper.
Eurogamer.it (Feb 17, 2011)
Soprattutto, la valutazione finale finisce per scontrarsi con i quarantaquattro euro del cartellino del prezzo: per la metà avrebbe tranquillamente strappato un sei, ma a queste cifre, soprattutto su Steam, è possibile acquistare prodotti di ben altra caratura.
CPU Gamer (Aug 14, 2011)
Maybe it’s possible this genre simply can’t overcome the problem of making gameplay as a master of a dungeon interesting, but it’s certain that Dungeons doesn’t even come close. The graphics are nice, a well-built dungeon is a sight to behold, and there’s a little bit of fun here, but ultimately you’ll master everything you need to know in short order and be done with this game soon afterward.
GamesRadar (Feb 22, 2011)
If you judged Dungeons based on the concept alone it would be a really amazing idea. However, just about everything that came after the conceptual phase didn't work out. There are some good bits to Dungeons, but they're better to read about than they are to experience. As a pure idea the game is very interesting, but poor execution held this one back.
Gamer.no (Feb 16, 2011)
Dungeons fremstår som grei tidtrøyte for en regnfull torsdagskveld, men spillet har på ingen måte klart å leve opp til sin mye eldre storebror. Med mindre du er særdeles opptatt av grafikk så vil jeg heller anbefale at du roter frem en gammel kopi av Dungeon Keeper. Det har mye som Dungeons ikke har, og er fortsatt ubestridt overherre av denne subsjangeren.
GameSpot (Feb 07, 2011)
Despite borrowing so much from Dungeon Keeper, Dungeons hasn't managed to capture what made Bullfrog's game so much fun to play, and its own additions make you feel like less of an all-powerful dungeon master and more of a zoo keeper for humans. Unless you're desperate for prettier graphics, you'll have much more fun seeking out an old copy of Dungeon Keeper.
Gaming Nexus (Mar 17, 2011)
Dungeons is not a terrible game. And I did find myself liking it more as time went on, rather to my surprise. But, in a somewhat ironic twist, all of the game's allusions to my old favorite titles had quite an unintended effect--I increasingly wanted to return to those old gems rather than continue on in this soon-to-be-forgotten path.
Game Shark (Mar 23, 2011)
In the end, if you are looking for a modern day Dungeon Keeper, this isn’t it, whether or not Realmforge tried to design that game or not is immaterial. Players unfamiliar with Dungeon Keeper who are simply looking for a twist to run of the mill strategy games will likely feel buried underneath a frustrating interface and the seemingly silly notion of not killing heroes until they’re satisfied your dungeon is up to snuff.
Dungeons tries to make a lot of jokes, but most of them fall flat, despite getting an occasional smirk out of me. The sidekick looks just like the main gremlin from Overlord and sounds like he was voiced by the same actor. Your own character lacks any individuality and might as well be a guy from Overlord or Overlord 2, or in other words, another clone of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings movies. Maybe all of that is a clever homage, but it certainly felt like a giant cliché. I guess the developers were right: this game is not at all a remake of Dungeon Keeper. The mechanics are not the same, which is OK, but the fun is not there either, which is not OK at all. It’s a game that I really wanted to love, but ended up hating. Those who skip Dungeons won’t lose anything at all.
It's not just a case of the game being too hard (though it undeniably is at times,) but an indication that it doesn't entirely know what it wants to be. It's admirably ambitious to use aspects of RTSs, building sims, tower defence and RPGs all at once, but when the sellotape holding them together peels off all you have left is a baffling pile of parts. Aspects like preparing prestige items and special rooms, things that seem to deserve time and thought, are at odds with the oft-frantic pace, and playing can feel more like a stressful administrative task than anything truly engaging. The game borrows heavily from the, well, theme of Theme Park, but fails to replicate the emotional connection that title built with the player. Occasionally the pieces click together and the somewhat unique premise manages to charm for a spell, but those moments are too scattered and the confused tone and clunky execution inevitably ruin the mood. There's a great idea in here, but it's buried really deep.
Eurogamer.dk (Feb 28, 2011)
Skulle jeg vælge, ville jeg til enhver tid hellere bruge en time på Dungeon Keeper II frem for Dungeons. Det på trods af at Dungeon Keeper II efterhånden har 12 år på bagen.