Duty and Beyond Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
You are driving to deliver pizza to a customer.
Starting position. The door is locked.
Talking to Bess.
You are trying to reach the nest with the hook.
Instructions are given to you on the Submarine.
Stan, another pizza deliverer, is imprisoned.
Meeting the mermaid.
Taking octopus off the periscope while wearing the diving gear.
Meeting the strange monk in medieval forest.
Talking to a faery...
Talking to a unicorn.
Taking the rare fruit in some strange way.
You are protected against Dragon's fire with enchanted armour.
Controlling the mind of the goblin, you should give poisoned food to the Goblin's king.
Some other contestants were not so lucky as you.
You are a gentleman in London.
Near Scotland Yard.
Wearing the police uniform, you examine the corpse in morgue.
Playing cards in a gambling club.
Shooting the bad guy.
Attending the secret meeting.
Reading the inscriptions with famous archeologist (Indiana Jones?).
Jumping over the lava pit using the whip.
So much treasure...
Evil plant
Bess used the mirror to reflect the laser.
You were contestants of a reality show...
Photo of Bess, Piet (you), and Stan...
Part of the bonus animation sequences starring the strange monk.