Duty Calls Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Start screen
Intro movie. "War never changes. Or does it? Certainly not. Or maybe yes?".
"Blah-blah-blah, Nuclear Missile Bomb. Blah-blah-blah, Secret Base."
Wow, it's the famous GAZ-69.
"Yet another enemy" won't fire at you.
Essential for mission success, The Stick. Protect it with your life!
Cut-scene! He's telling some pathetic nonsense.
Oh, the evil dude just rode over him! Die!
Kaboom! Cars explode after three bullets directed at the driver, didn't you know?
"This a military game, you'll have to shoot me after landing".
"Bloody screen! SO REAL!".
Now who's your daddy?
"I won't give you ze bomb because I'm evil!".
I just asked the bomb again and he agreed. USA prevails! Yay!
Bulletstorm trailer after the game's end.