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Windows version

Before an encounter, information about the opponent's army and a rough estimate of the outcome are provided. The player then may choose to retreat.
The hero has just gained a level, and a new skill can be picked.
Checking the stats of a unit in the player's army.
Designing your herald.
While exploring the province, the hero has found a special location. It can be searched outright or left for later examination.
Kingdom statistics, showing income and expenditures, as well as rare resources and other important information.
Managing the castle in the home province.
An early encounter with a bandit mob.
When a unit gains a level, the player can choose to increase one of combat parameters. Higher-level units can also learn special abilities or skills.
The castle's library gives access to some of the spells; others can be found in scrolls and added to the hero's spellbook.
Viewing all discovered special locations within a province. The exclamation mark means there's also a pending side-quest here.
All hero classes can cast spells (like a Knight here). The efficiency, available spell levels and number of spell slots depend on the magic ability.
As the game progresses, better items and equipment become available. Weapons and armour wear down and must be repaired at the castle's smithy frequently.
A magic arrow is a great spell to take out ranged units before they can do any harm.
This unit can be awarded with a medal, which grants a substantial increase in some of the stats. It will also increase that unit's salary.
At level 10, heroes can choose a profession to specialize in, which also affects alignment. Picking the magic path for a Knight results in an evil alignment for some reason.
Troops are recruited from the local population, but mercenaries can also be hired in the tavern, albeit for a greater price. This is the way to get higher-level units early on.
Time to conquer a nearby province! This one is populated by goblins. If the current hero was skilled in diplomacy, he could be able to parley with them instead.
Conquered two provinces (note the heraldic flag above them).
An encounter with an Elf and a Halfling. Both are ranged units, and their position on hills increases their firing range even more.
More exotic creatures like Dryads, Faeries and Gargoyles can be recruited into the player's army and make for powerful allies.
Combat during a siege. You first have to spend several turns taking down the fortifications, although an early siege may also be initiated with some of the towers and walls still intact.
The astral plane acts like a global conquest map. Here you can pick a shard to conquer. A shard may contain castle building designs and items that become available once it is occupied.
Meet Zarr, your friendly wise-cracking Gremlin advisor.
An all-out conflict against a single opponent on a small map. The population of borderline provinces is very unhappy, which may lead to revolts and other unpleasant things.