Earth 2150: The Moon Project Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Eurasian Dynasty menu
United Civilized States menu
Lunar Corporation menu
ED's main base
Selecting a mission. In the background you can see the moon, where missions will also take place later in the game.
The helicopter at the upper part of the screen is what ED is using for transporting its units during missions from base to base.
Recycling a unit - ED
When the night comes, both units and buildings turn their lights on.
Units can also fly with their lights off during night to avoid detection, but they move more slowly and almost everything you see around you is black.
Open fire!
Nine enemy tanks versus two UCS units. It sounds fair.
Oops. Rockets. Now it doesn't sound fair.
Who wants to take a bath?
Bye bye Earth. Hello Moon.
Under a peaceful shower. Peaceful.