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An excellent 'Mech game Raphael (1159) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Challenged the mighty MechWarrior 2 series for the giant robot sim crown. PCGamer77 (3001) 4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars
Excellent Mech action. Smooth action. Easy to learn. gametrader (229) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Overall User Score (23 votes) 3.7

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Playing Earthsiege II brought back many memories of playing the original ES. Of course, playing ES2 is a far more rewarding experience in every way. The only thing that ES2 lacks is multiplayer support. As a stand alone sim, this game rocks! Very few games or simulations can please the eye this much. Shoot-um-up non-stop Cybrid bashing is what this title is all about, with sights, sounds and gameplay that many other companies can only dream of balancing so well. If you didn't like MechWarrior II, then I feel ES2 may have been what you were looking for.
PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
If you've seen and liked the first one, you'll like this, because it's exactly the same. Basically, it's less of a sequel, and more of an 'exactly the same game, but the technology now allows it to look rather better'. There'll be a short term for that one day. Oh. And I forgot to mention that it's Windows 95 only.
Den smukke SVGA-grafik afvikles anstændigt på minimumskravet, og den begrænsede lyd (boom, bang!) er udmærket, selv om et heftigt soundtrack ville være som flødeskum på lagkagen. Vigtigst af alt: Earthsiege 2 er sjovt og har en herlig blanding af vild action med en saltgran simulation, og overtrumfer forgængeren på alle punkter.
På mange måder er Earthsiege 2 et flot produkt, som Sierra sagtens kan være bekendt. Det afgørende er dog, om man kan lide spillets koncept, der efter min mening er lidt for ensformig til at være rigtigt sjovt.
Power Play (Mar, 1996)
Netter Versuch, Sierra, aber „Mechwarrior 2“ stößt Ihr damit nicht vom Robo-Thron. „Earthsiege 2“ sieht verdammt gut aus, hört sich wunderbar an, reicht in Sachen Atmosphäre jedoch nicht an Activisions Battlemech heran. Die Missionen sind weniger abwechslungsreich und verlangen kaum strategisches Vorgehen, die Hercs sehen höchstens wie kleine Geschwister der Battlemechs aus und die Waffen lassen sich nicht so schön konfigurieren. Trotzdem ist „Earthsiege 2“ ein ernsthafter Mitbewerber, denn der schöne Wirtschaftsteil, die zahlreichen Missionen und die Möglichkeit, einen Flieger zu steuern, hebt es von allen anderen Robo-Sims ab. Grafisch auf jeden Fall besser als „Mechwarrior 2“ überzeugen vor allem die gigantischen Explosionen und Effekte. Für Krieger mit schnellen Maschinen ein Muß, auch wenn das Vorzeigeprodukt „Mechwarrior 2“ bleibt.
PC Games (Germany) (Mar, 1996)
Earthsiege 2: Skyforce kann technisch sicherlich mit MechWarrior 2 gleichziehen. Allerdings richtet sich das Produkt eher an die Einsteiger unter den Roboterschlacht-Fans, denn die Battle-Mechs lassen sich doch mit deutlich mehr Liebe zum Detail ausstatten als die Hercs. Trotzdem: Earthsiege 2 ist ein durchweg empfehlenswertes Spiel für jeden, der gerne mit Metall-Kolossen in die Schlacht zieht.
PC Joker (Mar, 1996)
Wichtiger sind hier aber ohnehin die intuitiv beherrschbare Steuerung und das deutlich abwechslungsreicher geratene Missionsdesign - hohe Gebirgszüge und darin versteckte Täler lassen die „Allein-auf-weiter-Flur-Gefechte“ von einst schnell vergessen. Schade bloß, daß auch Earthsiege 2 immer noch das letzte Quentchen Atmosphäre fehlt; hier wären eine griffigere Story und etwas mehr Drumherum hilfreich gewesen. Weil das aber auch für „Mechwarrior“ gilt, hat Sierra nun letzten Endes doch die Kanone leicht vorne: Die hiesigen Blechschäden sind einfach sehenswerter.
Although it is still not as good as Mechwarrior 2, EarthSiege 2 is definitely a good game. There are a wide variety of weapons you can choose from and each herc (EarthSiege’s equivalent of a mech) can be outfitted independently. As the game progresses, new weapons, defenses and hercs are developed and available for use. They even have a flying Herc, the Razor. In addition, the theme is very well done. Personally, I am attracted to games with a good theme. And the classic, “mankind is on the brink of extinction and you alone can make a difference” theme is my favorite. That is why I have loved the Wing Commander series so much. EarthSiege’s theme pulls you into it and the game becomes really addictive. Also, I think unless you are an avid BattleTech fan and know a lot about modifying a Mech already, you will be relieved at the way Hercs are modified. It is much easier than Mechwarrior 2, although perhaps not as flexible.
High Score (Sep, 1996)
Trots att Earthsiege 2 är ett Windows 95-spel så är det väldigt smidigt även med full grafik och hög upplösning. Grattis Sierra, nu har ni lyckats förstöra mitt nattsömn igen.
Im direkten Vergleich bietet Mechwarrior 2 die besseren Missionen, auch das Kämpfen selbst finde ich wegen der Hitze-Shutdowns etwas spannender. Earthsiege 2 ist aber ein starker Konkurrent; Fans der Superroboter müssen beide Programme haben.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun, 1996)
Samengevat: stukken beter dan zijn voorganger, maar toch nog met enkele schoonheidsfoutjes.
Gamezilla (Nov 05, 1999)
Despite its shortcomings, EarthSiege 2 is quite a bit of fun. It's not substantially different from the original EarthSiege, except, of course, more advanced. It's also not substantially different from MechWarrior 2, but it does add some nice touches that were obviously missing from MechWarrior. Without human-vs.-human capability though, I really can't enthusiastically recommend this game unless you love this genre. The missions and scenarios are nicely varied within the limited imagination of the game's storyline (that is, there are some nice scenery changes), as are the HERCs you can pilot. The music is OK at best (a letdown from the gorgeous opening score of MechWarrior 2, though) and the acting of General I-forget-his-name is repetitive. Couldn't they have filmed, say, five or six more phrases for him to say after a good mission? It looks like there was certainly room on the CD for it.
Science fiction fans may find things a little empty for their tastes, but anybody who loves good-looking action games, or who just can't enough giant-robot combat, should definitely consider picking up a copy of EARTHSIEGE 2. Regardless of the drawbacks, it will help to tide you over until MECHWARRIOR 3. But before you go off for a few hours of kicking the can, try and do one thing for the good of computer gaming write an angry note to Sierra and let them know that online manuals are not a trend we want to see continue. We can only hope they'll blame this idea on the Cybrids and go back to giving us our money's worth. And if they're concerned about trees, they should just wrap the diamond case and manual in plastic, and do away with the big, useless, double-walled box.
Pro: Besonders erfreulich ist, daß bei der Installation ein evtl. schon vorhandenes DIRECTX vom Installationsprogramm erkannt und berücksichtigt wird. Bemerkenswert ist auch die Unterstützung diverser Joysticks und Zusatzgeräte.
Contra: Obwohl Earth Siege 2 ein echtes Windows 95 Produkt ist, kann es doch zu Konflikten zwischen Maus und Bildschirm kommen. Etwas störend wirkt auch das ständige hin- und herschalten der Grafikmodi zwischen Menü- und Actionsequenzen. Diese Wehwehchen sind aber wohl eher durch >Microsoft's Programmierer als durch Sierra entstanden. Wirklich vermißt habe ich eine Mehrspielerfunktion wie es sie bei MechWarrior II gibt.
Game Revolution (Jun 05, 2004)
Explosions Rule!!!!! Especially the explosions in this action packed game from Sierra. Gamers will no longer be bored with the bangs of old where the enemy starts to smoke and the just goes bang, the same way every time. Earthsiege2 brings a new element of reality to dynamic graphics. Now if you shoot an enemy in its arm, its arm will blow off, and won't just disappear when it hits the ground but rather stay there for you to trip over later. Parts flying everywhere, amazing fireballs and smoldering remnants of what used to be an enemy HERC all add to this game's realism. The sound is good, but the butt-kicking graphics outshine it so much that you barely notice the impressive audio.
GameSpot (May 01, 1996)
With graphics quite a bit cleaner than those in, say, MechWarrior 2, ES2's 50-plus missions are just that crucial bit more challenging, and the addition of an air-capable HERC called the "A-10" - er, ahem, I mean the "Razor," - makes the overall combat action all the more hectic. Like in the first game, players can outfit and customize their HERC units between battles, and those missions involving Razor air strikes are tantamount to pretty decent little flight sims in their own right. If I were forced at gunpoint to point newbies toward one battle-mech game, EarthSiege 2 would probably be the one.