East India Company Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Scene from the introduction sequence
Title Screen
Main Menu
Sweden takes on two, equal ships in the tactical level of the game.
Close-up of a French ship firing its cannons.
Battle results - the Swedish fleet was destroyed.
A large battle with ten ships moving and attacking simultaneously.
The different settings for setting up a custom battle.
Damage is shown visually and this battle takes place at dusk, during a powerful storm.
Selecting a campaign.
Starting as the governor for the Dutch East India Company.
In the port, looking over the different available goods (left), which I can load into my cargo (right).
Loading Screen
I'm offering Spain a pact in exchange for money, but don't consider it very generous. Maybe I should threat with war instead.
Some ships of different names, with a lighter blue circle for the viewing range.
One of the many available ships
View of the Dutch home port in Amsterdam
Watching some of the Indian ports. Some mainly offer spices, while others have porcelain. None of these are in the hands of a specific nation yet
All of these goods will provide a good profit, but this can change over time.
Choose the destination port wisely, as the prices can have quite a range.
As you can see, tea is extremely profitable to bring along home.
Attacking an enemy port to seize it. Based on the power balance, this should be no problem at all.
Some ships only become available at a specific time in history. This one won't be available until 1700.
Battle results. I took some damage, but Spain lost two ships.
An overview of the primary and secondary goals of this campaign.
I offer to trade a port for a hefty sum.
Choose a multiplayer game from the in-game server browser. The different game types are also shown.
The purple dots mark an automatic trade route.
All of these ports are now controlled by a nation.
The trading post offers good prices.
Campaign status, far into the game
The fluctuation of the value of ivory over time. It seems it is picking up again.
Britain is in an alliance with Denmark. Spain has resigned.
A detailed financial report of all your actions
Sea battle with big ships
Battle in storm