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Ecco the Dolphin (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Ecco the Dolphin Credits


ProducerE. Ettore Annunziata
DesignersE. Ettore Annunziata, László Szenttornyai
MusicSpencer N. Nilsen
Wind Synthesizer PerformanceMitch Manker
Digital Sound EffectsBrian Coburn, András Magyari
Whale VoicesMadacy Music Group
DigiChrome Video ProcessingDigital Pictures Inc.
Historical MoviesAngel Studios
PC CD‑ROM ProducerNicholas Lavroff
PC CD‑ROM Brand ManagerVictoria Lockhart
Game DevelopmentNovotrade International
Project managerFerenc Tilesch
Game EngineGyörgy Borszéki
ArtistsLaszló Drabant
Lead Windows SpecialistZoltán Attila Molnár
Windows Background Technology TeamTamas Kovats
Managing DirectorPéter Huszár
Special ThanksBill White, Dean Lester, Stephen J. Friedman, András Császár, Jason Friedman, József Molnár, Zsolt Balogh

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jon Parise (72)