Echoes of the Past: The Castle of Shadows (Collector's Edition) Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
The FOCUS Essential (UK) release installs Big Fish Games' game manager, this handles the game's installation and can be used to launch the game. The picture is animated
As promised there's an interactive strategy guide
The Bonus Chapter is accessed via the EXTRAS menu and starts in the throne room
The Bonus Chapter is set in a series of underground rooms accessed via the throne room. Many have ladders like this which take the player to locations from the main game.
In the Bonus Chapter the player collects eight tokens, four red and four blue. These are needed for the final puzzle
The Bonus Chapter still has hidden object puzzles
This is a fiendish puzzle. Even when I had the code I could not solve it
A tangram-like puzzle
Another tricky puzzle from the Bonus Chapter, (actually it is easier than it looks - but you'll have to play it to find out why). It's a two part puzzle because once past this things get really hard
The second part of the puzzle is really hard
Here the player has to fit in rectangular crystals such that each is illuminated
This is the final puzzle of the Bonus Chapter
The end of the Bonus Chapter reuses the menu screen.
The game has a high score screen. It comes prepopulated with timings. Every time a player skips a puzzle they get 30 minutes added to their time